Archives Team

Members of the Archives Committee work with the Archivist and Preservation Specialist to carry out the mission of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority National Archives. They participate in virtual meetings, contribute to team projects, conduct research, and assist in the processing and care of the collections. Learn more.

  • Sara Coble, Epsilon Phi, Archives Education Coordinator
  • Jana Felberbaum, Zeta Kappa, Archives Processing Specialist
  • Liz Gherling, Lambda, Archives Fundraising Coordinator
  • Joy Horkey, Zeta Eta, Archives Communications and Outreach Coordinator
  • Trish Hykes, Delta Omicron, Archives Events and Milestones Coordinator
  • Nicole Parris Jacobs, Zeta Mu, Archives Fundraising Coordinator
  • Wendy Kirkpatrick, Alpha, Archives Historian
  • Linda Manley-Kuitu, Epsilon Rho, Archives Records Management and Retention Coordinator
  • Holly Wolfe, Zeta Eta, Archives Digital Collections Specialist

Liz Johns, Delta Omicron

National Archivist

Liz is responsible for the ongoing preservation of Tri Sigma’s historical records and memorabilia. She supports the mission of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority National Archives to safeguard and preserve the records of Sigma Sigma Sigma, ensuring that the history and heritage of the Sorority is maintained. Liz identifies, acquires, and preserves archival materials that document the history of Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority and the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, promoting the awareness, discovery, and use of the materials. Read the full description to learn more about the National Archivist position.


Katelyn Quirin, Delta Omicron

Preservation Specialist

Katie assists the National Archivist in evaluating and reviewing archives for damage and preservation concerns. Under the direction of the Archivist, Katie takes lead in ensuring the preservation and conservation of the archival materials. Katie assists in making decisions regarding the proper storage and care of the materials, and ensuring materials are handled properly by volunteers, staff, members of Sigma Sigma Sigma, and visitors. Read the full description to learn more about the National Archivist position.