About Our Archives


The Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority National Archives serves to safeguard and preserve the records of Sigma Sigma Sigma, ensuring that the history and heritage of the Sorority is maintained. The Archives identifies, acquires, and preserves archival materials that document the history of Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority and the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, promoting the awareness, discovery, and use of the materials.

What is an archive?

An archive is a repository that maintains the records of enduring value for a person, organization, or cultural institution. It can be found in almost any type of institution, such as a local historical society, the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, a university library or a corporate business. It can contain many forms of materials, such as meeting minutes, photographs, diaries, letters, CDs, and digital records.

Why are archives important?

Archives act as a witness to the past, providing evidence, explanation, and justification for past events. They are essential to ensuring that the legacy and history of an institution remains for future generations. Beyond cultural and historical importance, they often contain significant legal, administrative, or governmental documentation.

What is the Tri Sigma Archives?

The Tri Sigma Archives maintains the collections throughout the Walton House, including the chapter dolls, jewelry, Mabel Lee’s personal items, and documents such as convention minutes, papers of past presidents, and issues of The Triangle.

Why should you care about and support the Tri Sigma Archives?

The Tri Sigma Archives supports the legacy of our organization and is essential to its future. Without proper archival care, we could lose materials that embody our past: original editions of The Triangle, convention and Panhellenic meeting minutes, handwritten notes from Mabel Lee and Mary Hastings Holloway Page, interviews with the founders, and scrapbooks documenting our events for decades. These items illustrate how we have grown into the successful and empowering organization we are today. We want to guarantee that this history will remain to enlighten and inspire future sisters for many years to come.

To help support the archives, please donate at: https://donate.trisigma.org/archives.