Eastern Mediterranean

27 Greek fraternities and sororities are coming together for the 2017 Interfraternal Cruise, sailing from Venice to Rome with ports throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Spend 8 nights aboard the luxurious Riviera, a mid-size ship in the Oceania Cruises fleet. Limited to 1,250 passengers, guests will enjoy the personalized attention with a better than 1:2 staff-to-guest ratio, The Culinary Center (the only hands-on cooking school at sea), and award-winning Canyon Ranch SpaClub and Fitness Center.


Explore Zadar, Croatia, one of the hidden gems of Europe, with its stunning ancient ruins and serenading Sea Organ. During your time in Kotor, immerse yourself in naval history and tradition at the Maritime Museum of Montenegro or wander the winding streets to the edge of town where you’ll encounter the River Gate, built in 1540. Don’t miss the pristine waters of Corfu, Greece, complete with enchanting beaches, Greek temples, and ancient streets. Imagine an area less than a mile in length and only one-third mile in width and that is Valletta, Malta, a 16th-century site studded with stunning cathedrals, gardens, and even a palace. While visiting Sicily, allow yourself to indulge in the sights, sounds, and tastes of southern Italy. In Pompeii, take in the history: Mt. Vesuvius, frescoes, temples, and amphitheaters await your intrigue. Our journey ends in Rome, one of the most famous and ancient cities on earth.


It is in this exciting, intimate environment that we invite you to join us in the celebration of brother and sisterhood. Together we will fortify the Greek community by reconnecting with old friends and forging new bonds that transcend borders.