Get to know the new Tri Sigma brand including the new logo, colors, fonts, and graphics.

Members can access Tri Sigma brand standards, identity marks and graphics at Sigma Connect. Non-members can learn more about our brand identity guidelines by contacting our Director of Marketing and Communications.


Coat of ArmsCoatOfArms

The coat of arms, designed by Harriet Hankins, Alpha, was adopted in 1902. The coat of arms and each of its symbols, may be used for jewelry, recognition pins, stationary, and formal clothing. Each symbol has ritualistic significance which is revealed to members following their initiation.  From the upper left to lower right is the “band” displaying three Greek Sigmas.  Above this band in the right third are the spreading wings joined by a centered circle; above these is an equilateral triangle on which is engraved with a single Sigma; below the wings are the clasped hands.  In the lower left third is a flaming urn.  On the banner below the shield are the words in Greek of our Sorority’s open motto, “Faithful Unto Death”.

New Member Pin

New members are given a pin to wear until initiation. The new member pin, designed by Lucy Stubbs, Alpha, is a concave triangle within a circle.  Each corner of the triangle contains a Sigma.


Adopted in 1903, the badge of the Sorority is an equilateral gold triangle, with a small semicircular indentation on each side. On the gold triangle is a raised black enamel triangle bearing in each corner a gold Sigma. In the center of the badge is a skull and crossed bones, whose symbolism is revealed after initiation. On the outer edge of the badge is a border of pearls, the official jewel.

The triangle badge, reflective of the second degree of members, the Triangle Degree, is worn only by initiated members of Sigma Sigma Sigma.


The pearl is our Sorority’s jewel. Although not official until 1909, the pearl had been designated as the jewel since the founding.


The official flower is the purple violet, established at the founding.


The official colors of the Sorority are royal purple and white, adopted in the 1902 Constitution. Until that point, the colors were moss green and violet purple.


The sailboat was adopted as the official symbol at the 1974 Convention. The sails appear full representing our empowered sisterhood that is always moving forward.