Save the date for National Programs

We are excited to welcome our chapter leaders to the following National Programs:

  • Presidents Academy: January 4-7 in Nashville, TN. This program is required for all Chapter Presidents.
  • Prevention Institute: January 12-14 in Baltimore, MD. This program is required for all Honor Council Chairmen and Risk Managers.
  • Education Summit: March 2-4 in Chicago, IL. This new program is required for Education Directors and Scholarship Advisors. The new triennial Education Summit is designed to provide practical skill training for our Education Directors and Scholarship Advisors so they can effectively implement scholarship and membership education in their chapter. Participants will be trained to develop detailed scholarship plans, outline chapter education sessions, and facilitate conversations. They will also explore learning styles, grit, social etiquette and other relevant topics so they have the knowledge and resources to confidently educate their chapter.

Newly-elected leaders find great benefit in attending these leadership programs.

Kaitlynn May, Gamma Psi’s Chapter President, had this to say about her experience at Presidents Academy in 2017:  “My favorite part of Presidents Academy was the focus on our strengths and the general acceptance from all the presidents! We all accept that we have different strengths, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all support each other and discuss what is going to help us achieve the most we can. The positive energy and flow of creativity always inspires me because I know hundreds of empowered women stand behind me. I am thankful to have a support system across the country to always help move us Ever Forward!”

Nadia Serna, Epsilon Iota’s Risk Manager, found Prevention Institute to be very beneficial in being successful as a leader in her chapter: “I really needed the training and I would have been completely lost this semester without going to PI,” Nadia said. “Now that I’ve seen what’s expected of me, it’s made me want to be more involved and take things more seriously, especially the topics we dealt with like hazing, transportation and events with alcohol.”

More information about these programs will be released soon!