Honor a Sigma at Recruitment Summit

On February 22-24 in St. Louis, Missouri, over 130 Tri Sigmas will attend Recruitment Summit. This program is an opportunity for Membership Recruitment Directors from around the country to come together, share ideas, develop new skills and learn new strategies for successful membership recruitment.

You can show support to sisters and friends attending with our Violet Tribute tradition. With each $5 gift, you can honor her new leadership role while supporting the Tri Sigma Foundation. Your contributions will benefit the continued growth of our leadership programs like Prevention Institute, Recruitment Summit, Presidents Academy and Dunham Women of Character Institute.

Honor a Membership Recruitment Director, advisor, or facilitator listed below by making a gift in her honor at VioletTributes.com. You can easily search for her by full name and chapter. The Foundation will ensure she receives a violet to wear on her name tag for each gift made in her honor from now until February 13 at 11:59 pm EST. You can include a special message of encouragement with each gift, which she will receive via e-mail.

Every donation is tax-deductible and benefits our Greatest Need. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support and Violet Tributes!

Bring joy to a Summit participant!

Give a Violet Tribute.

ChapterFirst NameLast NameRegistration
Alpha AlphaKaleyMorrisMRD
Alpha BetaKathrynBilekMRD
Alpha ChiTiffanyCurtisFacilitator
Alpha ChiJesseShellMRD
Alpha EpsilonAlixIsomMRD
Alpha GammaHannahMagathanMRD
Alpha IotaDawnPrusatorFacilitator
Alpha IotaAllisonShelton-TahdooahnippMRD
Alpha MuAliciaCotoMRD
Alpha MuBrianaShiversFacilitator
Alpha NuLyndseyBryanAdvisor
Alpha OmicronSabrinaBlaggMRD
Alpha OmicronMeganCaldwellFoundation
Alpha OmicronDesireePaulhamusFoundation
Alpha PhiAshleyMillerMRD
Alpha PhiAlyssaStricklandFacilitator
Alpha PiAshleyPolingMRD
Alpha PsiGisselleCabreraMRD
Alpha PsiCourtneyStoneFacilitator
Alpha RhoCourtneyBarrickMRD
Alpha ThetaAllieFranksMRD
Alpha UpsilonFarahSchneiderMRD
Alpha UpsilonCarolineSiekierkaMRD
Alpha XiErinGuziecMRD
Alpha ZetaArielleMartignettiMRD
Beta AlphaKelseyFlicekMRD
Beta AlphaBrettWesterhoffMRD
Beta BetaKylieBakerMRD
Beta DeltaLeahCapelMRD
Beta EpsilonSavannahOsborneMRD
Beta GammaMarciaCutterFacilitator
Beta MuSueBracksieckAdvisor
Beta MuMeganDeQuasieMRD
Beta PiAmandaFrommeltAdvisor
Beta PiNatashaRassbachMRD
Beta TauPamelaBraundMRD
Beta ThetaAnnaRosenbergMRD
Beta XiSaraTrunkoMRD
Delta BetaEmilySheridanMRD
Delta ChiCarolineCarverMRD
Delta DeltaEllenElmoreFacilitator
Delta DeltaKeelinHunterMRD
Delta EtaMaKaylaChamberlainMRD
Delta OmicronEmmaRichMRD
Delta PiSadieGlazeMRD
Delta PsiOliviaSkelleyMRD
Delta UpsilonLaurenHannanMRD
Delta ZetaDrewHessMRD
Epsilon AlphaSpringSotoMRD
Epsilon BetaDanielleBatsonMRD
Epsilon BetaDanielleKloapFacilitator
Epsilon ChiPhoebeLasaterMRD
Epsilon DeltaMollyWhaleyMRD
Epsilon EpsilonAllisonMaskinMRD
Epsilon EtaTaylorMervineMRD
Epsilon GammaJessicaGabrysiakMRD
Epsilon IotaDiannaCardenasMRD
Epsilon KappaAnastaziaErkapicMRD
Epsilon NuAmberCaudellMRD
Epsilon NuKimberlyCromptonAdvisor
Epsilon OmicronDottieDesmondMRD
Epsilon PhiShelbyHoldenMRD
Epsilon PiSydneyRibelinMRD
Epsilon PsiJenniferPattersonMRD
Epsilon PsiJennaSteinFacilitator
Epsilon RhoAdeleLiuMRD
Epsilon SigmaJacquelinePetrasMRD
Epsilon TauAmandaWatersMRD
Epsilon ThetaJuliannaBrieskeMRD
Epsilon UpsilonMorganColwellMRD
Epsilon ZetaSamanthaBoboMRD
Eta AlphaMackenzieAllenMRD
Eta BetaBrookeWhitingMRD
Eta ChiAntoninaWeatherlyMRD
Eta EtaSamanthaSamarelliMRD
Eta KappaJacquelineFariasMRD
Eta LambdaMeganSheaMRD
Eta NuCourteneyChewMRD
Eta OmicronVeronicaAtkinsFacilitator
Eta OmicronEllenBoganMRD
Eta PhiLilianaComitoMRD
Eta PiNicoleDiStefanoAdvisor
Eta PiBriannaHernandezMRD
Eta RhoHannahRadtkeMRD
Eta SigmaEricaLundtMRD
Eta TauSaraFiorentinoMRD
Eta ThetaTeannaBrittonMRD
Eta UpsilonMattoxCashMRD
Eta XiAmandaWeigandMRD
Eta ZetaAnnaLopezMRD
Gamma AlphaKarrieBenjaminFacilitator
Gamma BetaNatalieAveretteFacilitator
Gamma BetaLandisDavidsonMRD
Gamma IotaMadisonDerbyMRD
Gamma LambdaMadelineMattoxMRD
Gamma MuVictoriaGuitreauMRD
Gamma PiKatherineHydeMRD
Gamma PsiSarahHuffmanMRD
Gamma RhoMariahGareisMRD
Gamma XiSydniWilliamsMRD
Gamma ZetaRebeccaRockMRD
Theta AlphaMiahDiamondMRD
Theta BetaBridgetFarmerMRD
Theta DeltaEmilyBoehmeMRD
Theta DeltaPaigeNewmanAdvisor
Theta EpsilonLilyRyanMRD
Theta EtaSamanthaSeacristMRD
Theta GammaElyseRenchAdvisor
Theta GammaAlexisWeslingMRD
Theta GammaCaitlynWestfallFacilitator
Theta IotaKatharineLightfootMRD
Theta IotaBriannaWilsonMRD
Theta KappaAbigailBralickMRD
Theta LambdaAimeeRabelerMRD
Theta ThetaEmilyStoneMRD
Theta ZetaAmeliaLeongMRD
Zeta AlphaArianaDiBoniMRD
Zeta ChiKatherineSuggMRD
Zeta DeltaMadelineTheobaldMRD
Zeta EtaAmandaBrandtMRD
Zeta GammaKerriganHadleyMRD
Zeta GammaKaileaMarshallFacilitator
Zeta KappaMadilynnAskwithMRD
Zeta LambdaMakenaBrownMRD
Zeta PiMarisaPerezMRD
Zeta PsiMorganMooreMRD
Zeta TauBriannaErazoMRD
Zeta ThetaKyleePrentissMRD
Zeta UpsilonHannahGilrainMRD