Prevention Institute Award Winners


We are excited to share the Prevention Awards that were presented at the 2021 Prevention Institute. Watch the award ceremony and view the full list of winners below.

Prevention Recognition

These chapters not only followed through on their plan and correctly applied the prevention framework, but their plan also was creative, focused, and collaborative.

  • Alpha Phi, Central Michigan University
  • Beta Epsilon, Western Illinois University
  • Beta Tau, University of Detroit Mercy
  • Delta Zeta, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Epsilon Omicron, Illinois State University
  • Eta Beta, Newberry College
  • Eta Lambda, Moravian College

Prevention Award Winners

As a result of implementing their plan and correctly applying the Prevention Framework, these chapters were able to see a significant positive change in their GLE data because of their prevention plan. Their impacts were grouped into 3 main categories:

Membership Experience

These chapters had a significant decrease in the number of negative member to member interactions (mean girl behavior, bullying, etc.).

  • Alpha Iota, Northeastern State University
  • Gamma Iota, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Pi, Emporia State University

Healthier Drinking Habits

These chapters focused on making better personal choices if a member chooses to drink, and as a result, decreasing high-risk or problematic drinking behaviors in their chapter.

  • Alpha Zeta, Northwestern State University
  • Epsilon Gamma, Grand Valley State University


As a result of focusing on communication skills, building relationships, and enhancing intervention skills, these chapters saw an increase in upstander behaviors. Members recognized the need to intervene sooner to prevent more harmful behaviors. For example, increasing confidence in intervening to address high-risk behaviors (alcohol, hazing, controlled substances, sexual violence) or decreased fears of calling 911.

  • Epsilon Chi, Northeastern University
  • Theta Delta, Lindenwood University
  • Zeta Theta, Idaho State University