Parent-to-Parent Q&A

We asked the father of a Tri Sigma to offer his thoughts on the gifts Tri Sigma has given his daughter, what pleasant surprises he encountered, and how Tri Sigma fits into what he had hoped his daughter would experience in college.

We are so grateful to Dan Haley for his warm thoughts on his Tri Sigma daughter, Katherine, Beta Gamma Chapter at East Carolina University.


Dan and his daughter, Katherine

How has Tri Sigma enhanced your daughter’s undergraduate experience?
Katherine was excited to give Greek life a try, and was ecstatic to become part of Tri Sigma at ECU. The support and friendship provided by her ECU “family” has enhanced every aspect of her college experience.

What most impresses you about Tri Sigma?
I admire the fact that Tri Sigma women are constantly looking for ways to improve. From the guidance and structure needed to help these young women grow, to becoming more active in the university and the community, all levels of Tri Sigma leadership are available and willing to help.

What kind of values do you want Katherine to uphold, and how has Tri Sigma contributed to that?
Like all parents, my wife and I believe we have raised her to be hard-working, respectful, charitable and honest. I believe Tri Sigma has helped bring out all these attributes and more as Katherine has embraced a leadership position within her sorority. As social chair and now recruitment director, she has pursued her obligations with a passion that you can only have for something you love.

What would you suggest a parent do who wants to support their daughter’s experience in Tri Sigma?
Simply stay involved and interested in what they are doing. I know I don’t always get it right, and at this age they don’t want a lot of advice. You’ll know when to step in by just listening.

DanHaleyFamilyWhat positive changes have you noticed in Katherine since she joined Tri Sigma?
Katherine’s leadership and organizational skills have blossomed since joining the sorority. She is very passionate about making Tri Sigma the finest sorority on campus. Additionally, her grades continue to improve and she has made honor roll the last two semesters.

What are some common misconceptions that you had about sororities prior to your daughter joining?
I really thought it was more about the parties and the fun. I have been pleasantly surprised by the guidance and support that the members are given. I believe the activities focused on giving back to the university and the local community provides excellent life lessons for the young women in Tri Sigma.