Outstanding Alumna of the Region

Outstanding Alumna of the Region

This award is presented annually to one alumna in each region for outstanding service to her community and to Sigma Sigma Sigma. She should have provided financial support by paying Annual National Alumnae Dues for at least 10 years or Lifetime Dues and have made a donation to the Foundation for a minimum of five years.

Region 2 – Pickett Whitney Lema, Alpha Lambda, Greater St. Louis

Pickett has not shied away from using that which she has learned throughout her life to guide others on their life’s path. She has gained the respect of many educators in the greater St. Louis by selflessly using her wisdom to benefit others. In a world dominated by self-serving behavior and a “What’s in it for me?” attitude, it is difficult to inspire others to have faith that someone else will look out for them and their interests, but Pickett has accomplished this in spades. Simply put, her entire life has been one of service to others, a service that is rooted in her love of humanity and making the world around her a better place in which to live.

Region 4 – Sandra Koch Sandel, Alpha Phi, Central Michigan

Sandra Koch Sandel is a sister who seems to “have it all”, and is always willing to “give her all” for Sigma as well as her community. Sandra’s energy and enthusiasm seems endless, and is at the same time infectious. She spreads this fire across her collegiate and alumnae sisters. When something comes up, Sandy is the first one there with a solution in mind. As a true sister of the heart, Sandra is willing to intervene in times of crisis with a listening ear and rational mind that helps to calm emotions and find solutions. She is quick to praise and slow to criticize, a strength, which benefits both the collegiate and alumnae chapters she serves. Sandra is truly a special Tri Sigma sister to be both admired and imitated. She carries an empowering presence that empowers everyone she meets.