Triangle Guidelines

The Triangle of Sigma Sigma Sigma is published two times per year. Information from collegiate and alumnae chapters, as well as from individual members, is accepted for possible inclusion in the magazine.

View our how to submit document for collegiate and alumnae filled with ideas for stories and friendly reminders.

To submit an article, please use this form.

Publication Guidelines

To increase your chances of being published in the magazine, please follow these tips:

  • Collegiate and alumnae news should contain brief articles about chapter news. We are looking for newsworthy topics and events to highlight. Please write in the third person.
  • Submit copy files in Microsoft Word.
  • Spell check the document before submission.
  • Name the file in a meaningful/identifiable way. For instance, do not simply title the file “July 09 Triangle Article” as several articles may be submitted using the same title; instead, make the title as intuitive as possible, i.e., “Alumnae News_Chapter Name”.
  • When writing, follow the Sigma Sigma Sigma brand guidelines for copy tone and word usage. This guideline can be found on Sigma Connect.
  • Please note: your submission will be reviewed by content editor(s) and may be changed to adhere to Tri Sigma brand/style; or to provide greater clarity/interest. By submitting an article, you agree to have it edited without your review.
  • All requested information must be included.

Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Digital photos should be shot at 300 dpi or higher and submitted as a High-Quality JPEG file attachment.
  • Photos of three to five Sisters are best. Five or less in a photo will need full identification (first, maiden, last names) and collegiate and alumnae chapter.
  • Action photos are preferred to staged, group photos.- Photos with “Sigma fingers” will not be printed.
  • Submit photos that showcase an activity in which your chapter participates, not just a random group shot.