New Member Program

Tri Sigma strives to be a sorority dedicated to friendship, character, and conduct. In our mission statement, these are the three basic tenets for our existence as a Sisterhood. They influence every facet of our decision making, leadership, and lives. The new member program is designed to prepare new members for membership while providing education and experiences that emphasize our mission and help each new member develop their personal vision for contributing to the vibrancy of our Sisterhood.  


A woman is considered a new member after going through the first of three ritual ceremonies, called Arc Degree. During Arc Degree, the date of initiation is announced. The new member program culminates with the second ritual ceremony, or Triangle Degree. New members will be considered a fully initiated and active member of Sigma Sigma Sigma upon completion of this ceremony. As Tri Sigma history dictates, you will be expected to wear white for all ceremonial meetings. 


Between the Arc Degree and Triangle Degree ceremonies, new members will be guided by the Vice President of New Member Education in a scripted education program based on a flipped classroom model. This model allows new members to learn membership basics independently in our eLearning platform, Essential Sigma, followed by in-person or virtual meetings designed to develop friendships and review Essential Sigma lesson content. The new member education program is organized into five sessions. Sessions include:  

  1. Your Sigma story begins.  
  2. You are entrusted with great responsibility.  
  3. You are supported every step of the way.  
  4. You are a partner in changing the world. 
  5. You are a Sigma for life. 

In addition to these foundational lessons, all new members and members will have on-going access to developmental programs in the Essential Sigma platform that are based on our sisterhood and leadership competencies.  


New members will also have responsibilities that mirror those of the initiated members. This can include study hours, participation requirements, paying dues, serving in leadership positions, and upholding the standards of the Sorority. Maintaining these responsibilities will ensure new members are on track to be initiated.