National Fees

New Member Fee   $190
Chapters will determine their per person fees to charge new members. These fees are non-refundable and includes:

  • A new member fee which covers access to the online Essential Sigma and the use of a new member pin.
  • Convention/Conference Fee for the year
  • Liability Insurance Fee
  • Loyalty Fund Fee which assures financial stability for the Sorority and loans for housing and scholarships
  • Annual National Collegiate Dues
  • Subscription to The Triangle magazine, membership certificate and Tri Sigma history book.
Badge Fee   $105 – $420
$105 – $420 depending on the style a new member selects. New Members also have the option of purchasing a chapter guard.
*Prices may vary based on the price of gold. See current T8-Badge Order Form for up-to-date prices.
Alumna Initiation Fee   $60
$60.00 non-refundable and the candidate does not pay a national new member fee. Alumnae Initiates must also purchase a badge.
*Contact National Headquarters for manual on the Alumnae Initiate program.

National Collegiate Dues   $175
Chapters will determine their per person fees to charge members. These fees are non-refundable and includes:

  • Annual Collegiate Dues
  • Convention/Conference Fee – These fees will be invested by the national organization under the direction of Executive Council to help defray the costs of the Convention and Leadership Conferences. Some of the expenses of each chapter’s Convention delegate will be paid from this fund when she attends Convention.
  • Legacy Fund – This fee goes to support the upkeep, maintenance, and ongoing improvements to the Walton House.
  • Liability Insurance – for more information on the insurance coverage, please see the risk reduction and insurance manual.

Property Insurance Premium

Chapters with and without houses are invoiced for this fee. This fee varies from chapter to chapter based on the chapters needs. This covers the costs of a chapter’s umbrella policy, bond and property insurance premiums. Chapters with a housing corporation will receive a separate invoice for property insurance. It should be sent to the Housing Corporation President. Those chapters without a Housing Corporation will have the property insurance included on their national dues bill.This fee is due by November 1st each year.

BillHighway Annual Fee   $25
For the use of the chapter accounting system.

Technology Fee   $10
This fee is for e-learning and chapter website access. For spring 2016, it is $8 per member for the use of their internal communication site called GIN systems and e-learning.

Policy Violation Fee
If a chapter is placed on Step 2 of Chapter Supervision for violating risk management policies and procedures, the chapter will be responsible for paying a Policy Violation fee with is approximately $100 per member. The amounts may vary based on annual insurance premiums. The fee is due within 30 days of being placed on Chapter Supervision.