A Tri Sigma legacy is a woman who:

  1. Already has bonds to the Sorority
  2. Knows through family experience that Tri Sigma is an opportunity for lifetime participation
  3. Already realizes the commitment needed to enjoy the positive experience of Tri Sigma membership
  4. Is a special ambassador for Tri Sigma due to her bonds with members of Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Tri Sigma defines a legacy as a sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, step-daughter, or step- mother of a Sigma Sigma Sigma.

What is our policy on considering legacies for membership?

Each Sigma Sigma Sigma Legacy is to be invited back to the first invitational recruitment event.  We encourage our membership to purse every opportunity get to know the legacies of our organization within and outside of the University’s recruitment process.

In order for our chapters to get to know legacies during recruitment we encourage potential members to identify themselves as legacies to Tri Sigma when they sign up for recruitment.  Otherwise, our chapters won’t know you are a legacy!  If you would like to recommend a legacy or another outstanding young woman for membership in Tri Sigma please complete the Alumnae Recommendation form.