Leaders learn to be partners in prevention at Prevention Institute

Risk Managers and Honor Council Chairmen had the opportunity to attend the Prevention Institute in January in St. Louis, Missouri. SAFE Team and Honor Council specialists facilitated curriculum covering topics ranging from women and hazing to motivational interviewing in Honor Council meetings to learning more about how to create chapter Prevention Plans using GreekLifeEdu (GLE) data. 

The Prevention Institute, funded in part by the Tri Sigma Foundation, gave chapter leaders the opportunity to attend a National program and develop the skills and partnerships necessary to be successful chapter leaders. Chapters were awarded for the first time to honor their commitment to complete and follow-through with the Prevention Plans they created during the 2018 Prevention Institute. Chapter representatives at the program have time dedicated to creating a Prevention Plan after reviewing their chapter’s GLE data and provide updates on how the plan progressed throughout the year. 

Read below to hear what chapter leaders learned at the Prevention Institute and how the institute benefits chapter’s prevention efforts. 

Yasmin Rowe and Emma Cormack from Epsilon Sigma enjoyed meeting National President Natalie Averette during the 2019 Prevention Institute.

Emma Cormack, Epsilon Sigma (Virginia Commonwealth University): “Yasmin Rowe and I had the privilege to attend the Prevention Institute in St. Louis, Missouri the beginning of this year. The Institute was such a rewarding experience to meet sisters from across the country and hear about their chapters and experiences! I left the Institute feeling much more confident in my leadership skills and how to conduct myself in my new position.”

Delta Pi (Winthrop University): “Recently, our chapter’s Honor Council Chairman, Hannah Hundley, attended Prevention Institute. While at PI, she gained a new perspective in helping the chapter strive for safety. Hannah looks forward to working alongside other chapter officers to diminish possibilities for struggles within the chapter and bringing accountability to the forefront of the chapter.”

Jeanna Cooper, Epsilon Phi (University of North Carolina-Wilmington): PI was such a great weekend for me! I got to learn how to effectively run an Honor Council meeting, create goals to benefit the member, and even important risk management information like how to have safe socials and practice safe drinking habits for the entire chapter. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to meet and collaborate with NHQ staff and other HC Chairmen from other chapters to learn about new ideas and practices I could bring back to my chapter.”

Alpha Chi members Allison Sweeney and Ellie Weber plan to use what they learned about partnerships in prevention during the 2019 Prevention Institute to benefit their chapter.

Allison Sweeney, Alpha Chi (Murray State University): “I enjoyed learning how to best approach tough situations and be the best possible Risk Manager through preventative actions and empowering my sisters. I plan to bring back effective and fun programs to help our RM in this position. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to know so many other sisters from different chapters.”

Ellie Weber, Alpha Chi (Murray State University): “I learned how to properly run an Honor Council meeting and how to interview girls without being super confrontational. I learned how to make effective goals. I took new/better interviewing skills back to the HC Chairman and Goals Coordinator. Favorite part of the weekend was the breakout sessions where we could ask questions.”

Gianna Arredia, Beta Epsilon (Western Illinois University): “Prevention Institute was one of the best experiences ever! Meeting women from chapters all over the United States was probably one of my favorite parts. I learned so much about how to better my chapter and create bonds with sisters. I think that the most helpful thing we did was go over the risk reduction plan together with our breakout groups. From this, I learned that things haven’t necessarily always been done in the most efficient manner and I am going to change that. I am wanting to bring several things back to my chapter like change our sober sister policies. I am the risk manager for my chapter and cannot wait to implement the things I learned at PI.”

Eta Rho members Brandy Hall and Monica Ellis both felt empowered to be leaders within their chapter after attending the 2019 Prevention Institute.

Monica Ellis, Eta Rho (Georgia Southern University-Armstrong): “While attending PI I learned the proper way that an honor council should function. Being new to the position I somewhat didn’t know how to direct things. But after attending PI I have delegated my HC and led us to being a fully-functional HC.”

Stephanie Wheeler, Alpha Epsilon (Northwest Missouri State University): “PI helped me strengthen my communication skills and prepare me for difficult conversations! My favorite thing I learned was ‘ask why 5 times.’ This taught me how to get to the root of a problem and I can’t wait to bring this back to my chapter’s honor council team!”