Leaders learn to tackle fears at third annual Prevention Institute

Risk Managers and Honor Council Chairmen traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, in January to attend the third annual Prevention Institute.

The Prevention Institute gave members the opportunity to attend a national program and develop the skills and partnerships necessary to be successful chapter leaders. SAFE Team, Honor Council specialists and staff facilitated curriculum covering topics ranging from women and hazing to motivational interviewing in Honor Council meetings to learning more about GreekLife.Edu data and how to use that data to tackle tough issues within their chapters.

One activity that had a lasting impression on participants was focusing on overcoming fears. Participants watched a video on fears and had time to think about what they could accomplish in their chapters and personal lives if they were not afraid. They wrote these fears down on “If I Weren’t Afraid” cards and posted them at the front of the room. Assistant Executive Director Lorin Phillips hoped the exercise would help leaders overcome their fears and take action in their chapters.

“Fear can keep us from doing so many amazing and powerful things,” Lorin said. “I wondered if we could deflate that fear a bit by simply acknowledging it. Could the courage to write it and post it move people a step closer to overcoming their fear and taking action?”

Morgan Scott, Eta Tau-Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, said writing her fears on the “If I Weren’t Afraid” cards at the Prevention institute have already helped her in her role as an Honor Council Chairman.

“The ‘If I Weren’t Afraid’ exercise was an incredible experience that I’m happy to have gotten the chance to participate in,” Morgan said. “Not only is it an uplifting exercise, but it’s a thought provoking one as well. It’s helped inspire me to be more open about my opinions and I’m hoping to take the time with my chapter to ask them what they would do if they weren’t afraid!”