Labyrinth Leadership Experience enhances collegiate experience

Bry Vance, now a Zeta Theta alumna from Idaho State University, took a chance on applying to attend the Labyrinth Leadership Experience as a collegian in 2016.

“I thought there was no way they would pick me out of everyone else but I was shocked to find an email telling me I had been selected,” Bry said. “Truth be told, I had actually forgotten I applied!”

Bry was halfway through her term as chapter president when she left to attend the Labyrinth. The experiences she had helped her develop leadership skills to support her work as a chapter leader, and also helped her show her chapter how members can benefit from national programming.

“I was able to see the efforts of our Foundation first-hand and understand the importance of giving back,” Bry said. “It was a once-a-lifetime opportunity that changed my life.”

For the Tri Sigma who yearns to learn and live the mission, vision and values of the sorority, the Labyrinth Leadership Experience provides a transformational, engaging and inter-generational experience for members to grow in their appreciation of the lifelong commitment associated with membership. A total of 20 alumnae and collegians are selected to attend the experience.

“I met incredible women who had all different backgrounds and stories,” Bry said of her experience attending the Labyrinth in 2016. “We shared some deep, personal moments together discussing hard topics and being vulnerable. While we did have a lot of fun, I grew so much as a person over that week from sharing those moments and learning how to make a more conscious effort to exemplify our values.”

The activities through the days build on Tri Sigma’s values, culminating in a trip to Tri Sigma’s Heart Home, the Mabel Lee Walton House. Bry knew after the closing of the program that the Labyrinth Leadership Experience would be a milestone in her own Sigma story.

“I went [to the Labyrinth] not knowing anyone else and came back with 20 other women who would become another support system during my collegiate years and even still in my life as an alumna,” she said. “It has been almost four years since I have attended, which is crazy, and I still think about my experience every day.”

Through her attendance at the Labyrinth, Bry also developed life skills she attributes to helping her be successful in her career. The experience has also kept her connected to Tri Sigma as an alumna and chapter advisor.

Her advice for those considering applying for the Labyrinth?

“Be yourself, be vulnerable and honest,” Bry said. “The more open you are, the more you will gain from the experience. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude!”

She also recommends to keep applying if you aren’t selected the first time.

“Some of the women I was with had applied more than once and they all said they were grateful they hadn’t been selected the first time.”

The Labyrinth Leadership Experience will take place June 3-7 in Washington, D.C. and Woodstock, Virginia. Applications are due by Feb. 20 at 11:59 p.m. EST.