Kelsey Schrimpf, Epsilon Beta, shares her study tips.

Start off your week with some great study tips from one of our Sigma Scholars – Kelsey Schrimpf, Epsilon Beta. Follow along on social media using #SigmaScholars #MonthoftheScholar

“What I have found to be the most effective is to teach the material to a friend or family member. While explaining it, you will gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Another fun way to learn difficult subjects is to find videos on the topic. This is especially helpful in understanding the subject from another aspect. Crash Course is a good YouTube channel that I resort to often.

Motivation to study is hard to develop. Thanks to my mom, however, who recently made a wager with me, studying has become more of a fun little competition. Now, for every two hours that I study, my mom has promised to exercise for 20 minutes. Having an accountability buddy (although for different goals) is the best way to go!”