Join Tri Sigma’s SAFE Team

Tri Sigma is searching for 15-20 new volunteers who are outstanding facilitators and presenters to join the SAFE Team in 2019! The volunteers can be members or friends of Tri Sigma (i.e. non-members). If you think your Greek Advisor is/was awesome, invite them. If you think some recent graduates or advisors were great presenters, share this with them! If you had an awesome facilitator at something like UIFI, tell them and ask them to consider this volunteer role. If you’re looking for an opportunity to reconnect with Tri Sigma, apply! This team serves as coaches at Prevention Institute, Triennial Visit facilitators, and some will work with chapters on Verisky and the social event registration process.

The full position description can be found here. The new volunteers will join us for Prevention Institute in St Louis Jan. 4-6, 2019.