Introducing Conversations with Council

There are few pleasures in life more satisfying than a good cup of coffee and a long conversation with a friend! It is with that thought in mind and the collective desire to open a new communication channel for Tri Sigma that I, on behalf of the Executive Council, warmly welcome you to the inaugural edition of Conversations with Council.

Inspiration for this opportunity peaked when we found ourselves individually having thought provoking, inspiring, humorous, and sometimes even challenging conversations with Tri Sigma members and Greek partners. We asked ourselves, “What could we do to bring these conversations about important topics to an entirely new level?”  With the help of volunteers and staff, a plan has been created to promote respectful open dialogue, engage our members, and educate women on topics affecting the greater, collective fraternal community.

Executive Council plans to comment on and bring forth new topics of interest within the “News and Events” section of  Our sincerest hope is that these topics will evoke in you the desire to have your voice heard by your Executive Council, the supreme governing body of Tri Sigma.  It will also be a chance to connect with new and old friends alike, and to have spirited, yet positive conversations with all Sisters of Tri Sigma.  This isn’t a blog; it’s an extended hand, a warm heart, and listening ears… It’s a coffee date! We’ll even help you get started on this journey by sending our first three Conversations with Council gifts to Sisters who embody the true spirit of a Tri Sigma and share in our excitement of this new communication channel.

The fireworks have soared in honor of the Fourth of July and its National Ice Cream Month! With celebrations and summertime fun underway, we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to kick off Conversations with Council! As we continually celebrate Tri Sigma and honor all of the achievements of women and intentionally continue to move women’s empowerment ever forward, we encourage you to bring our values to life this month by calling your mentor, reaching out to Executive Council, participating on social media, or even (clutch my pearls!) dare to have a face-to-face conversation with a Sister.  Get together for coffee, have a cool, refreshing lemonade or even share an ice cream and have a lil’ summertime sisterhood fun!

So, as we eagerly await our first “coffee date,” what shall we talk about? Council has been making a list of things that we are excited to discuss with you and seek your input, and we would like for you to share with us those Sigma related questions that have popped into your mind as well. Right now, we’re simply looking forward to hearing from you! Since we’re all in the midst of enjoying a bit of summertime fun, let’s share those moments. What’s happening and what’s exciting for you this summer? Are you traveling? Working? Venturing abroad for studies or service work? Vacationing? Taking care of someone in need of care? Enjoying time with family and friends? Changing the world? Let us know by sending an email to

As I reflect on my summer events thus far, thoughts of friendship, sisterhood and fun certainly come to mind, which always makes me smile! Our Tri Sigma connections make us extra special and a great way to partake in the sisterhood experience this time of year is to share your summertime stories! Here we go…

Sunshine and Sigma smiles to each of you!


p.s. Please do not forget to send us your topics of interest for conversation. Email all members of Executive Council directly at