Honor a Sigma at Prevention Institute

On January 12-14 in Baltimore, over 260 Tri Sigmas will attend Prevention Institute. You can show support to sisters and friends with our Violet Tribute tradition. With each $5 gift, you can honor her new leadership role while supporting the Tri Sigma Foundation. Your contributions will benefit the continued growth of our leadership programs like Dunham.

Honor a Risk Manager, Honor Council Chairman, adviser, or coach listed below by making a gift in her honor at VioletTributes.com. You can easily search for her by full name and chapter. The Foundation will ensure she receives a violet to wear on her name tag for each gift made in her honor from now until January 2 at 11:59 pm EST. You can include a special message of encouragement with each gift, which she will receive via e-mail.

Every donation is tax-deductible and benefits our Greatest Need. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support and Violet Tributes!












Chapter First Name Last Name Role
Alpha Lauren Gaines Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Alani Battle Risk Manager
Alpha Alpha Madison Comer Honor Council Member
Alpha Alpha Shania Brooks Vice President of Operations
Alpha Beta Erykah-Nicole Scruggs Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Beta Anu Sharma Risk Manager
Alpha Chi Meredith Purdom Risk Manager
Alpha Chi Kaitlyn Myers Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Delta Bridget Heeney Risk Manager
Alpha Delta Justine Czop Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Epsilon Sydney Alexander Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Epsilon Megan Bua Risk Manager
Alpha Gamma Inez Rosales Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Gamma Paeton Harms Risk Manager
Alpha Iota Sydney Cain Risk Manager
Alpha Iota Kandace Haulmark Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Mu Camille Guillory Risk Manager
Alpha Mu Megan Fowler Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Omicron Rebecca Bailey Risk Manager
Alpha Omicron Katelynn Crossen Honor Council Member
Alpha Phi Brooke Szczurek Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Phi Brooke Taylor Risk Manager
Alpha Pi Claire Buzard Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Pi Amy Orzechowski Risk Manager
Alpha Psi Ariana Romero Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Psi Brittany Phelps Risk Manager
Alpha Rho Amelia Garraway Risk Manager
Alpha Rho Ruth Fultz Vice President of Operations
Alpha Theta Nataleigh Brown Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Theta Madison Grady Risk Manager
Alpha Upsilon Andrea Pasierb Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Upsilon Katelyn Farah Risk Manager
Alpha Xi Melanie Erickson Honor Council Chairman
Alpha Xi Brittney Mcconnohie Risk Manager
Alpha Zeta Madeline Taylor Risk Manager
Alpha Zeta Emilee Leger Honor Council Chairman
Beta Alpha Ashley Schmall Risk Manager
Beta Alpha Mackenzie Knapper Honor Council Chairman
Beta Beta Megan Woolverton Honor Council Chairman
Beta Beta Taylor Stark Risk Manager
Beta Delta Elizabeth Mott Vice President of Operations
Beta Delta Antanya Hardy Risk Manager
Beta Epsilon Taylor Kalous Social Chairman
Beta Epsilon Kennedy Wright Honor Council Chairman
Beta Mu Taylor Southwell Honor Council Member
Beta Mu Audrey Stine Risk Manager
Beta Pi Kristen Teupel Risk Manager
Beta Pi Crystal Peterson Honor Council Chairman
Beta Tau Emily Tarchala Honor Council Chairman
Beta Tau Savannah Sloan Risk Manager
Beta Theta Celia Dicarlo Risk Manager
Beta Theta Caroline Wilson Honor Council Chairman
Beta Xi Ryan Warren Honor Council Chairman
Beta Xi Kendra Reichling Vice President of Operations
Chi Malori Bridwell Risk Manager
Chi Lexi Cole Honor Council Chairman
Delta Beta Taylor Massa Honor Council Chairman
Delta Beta Madeline Hollenbeck Risk Manager
Delta Delta Bailey Middleton Honor Council Chairman
Delta Delta Anna Cooke Risk Manager
Delta Eta Rachel Hastings Honor Council Chairman
Delta Eta Riley Thais Risk Manager
Delta Omicron Bailey Harper Honor Council Chairman
Delta Omicron Izabella Busher Risk Manager
Delta Pi Jordan Youngdahl Risk Manager
Delta Pi Hannah Hundley Honor Council Member
Delta Psi Jennifer Rees Risk Manager
Delta Psi Angela Alcamo Honor Council Chairman
Delta Psi Victoria Permar Vice President of Operations
Delta Psi Jaclyn Manicone Social Chairman
Delta Theta McKenna Dodson Risk Manager
Delta Theta Cara Register Honor Council Chairman
Delta Upsilon Brooke Reinert Honor Council Chairman
Delta Upsilon Christie Birchall Risk Manager
Delta Zeta Brianna Mahoney Risk Manager
Delta Zeta Elizabeth Gyuris Honor Council Member
Epsilon Alpha Meginn Thompson Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Alpha Kayla Higuera Risk Manager
Epsilon Beta Darby Durey Risk Manager
Epsilon Beta Shelby Rhodes Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Chi Mara Tazartus Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Chi Jessica Lucas Risk Manager
Epsilon Delta Jolene Sinclair Honor Council Member
Epsilon Delta Rebecca Campbell Honor Council Member
Epsilon Delta Angela Weeks Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Delta Hannah Sekerak Risk Manager
Epsilon Epsilon McKenna Smith Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Epsilon Ashley Eckart Risk Manager
Epsilon Eta Hope Geis Risk Manager
Epsilon Eta Delaney Reigel Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Gamma Gabrielle Dumanois Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Gamma Chloe Claeys Risk Manager
Epsilon Iota Alyssa Flores Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Iota Alejandra Gayosso-Otero Risk Manager
Epsilon Kappa Alexandra Foukas Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Kappa Carley Marty Vice President of Operations
Epsilon Nu Emily Gorman Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Nu Lexi Heller Risk Manager
Epsilon Omicron Jessica Stern Additional Student Attendee
Epsilon Omicron Natalie Harmening Additional Student Attendee
Epsilon Omicron Melissa Lachcik Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Omicron Allison Bekkerman Risk Manager
Epsilon Phi Callie Banholzer Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Phi Hannah Kent Vice President of Operations
Epsilon Pi Denise Devaney Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Psi Chelsea Smith Social Chairman
Epsilon Psi Tessa Sandler Honor Council Member
Epsilon Rho Erin Kromminga Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Rho Caitlyn Jones Risk Manager
Epsilon Sigma Chandler Mobley Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Sigma Chantal Padilla-Rivera Risk Manager
Epsilon Tau Jenevieve Bly Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Tau Andrea Lopez Risk Manager
Epsilon Theta Emma Sawyer Risk Manager
Epsilon Theta Arielle Andino Honor Council Chairman
Epsilon Upsilon Katie Alden Risk Manager
Epsilon Zeta Jordan Stinson Risk Manager
Epsilon Zeta Courtney Bunch Honor Council Chairman
Eta Alpha Erin Connell Honor Council Chairman
Eta Alpha Samantha Knaust Risk Manager
Eta Beta Nina Overton Honor Council Chairman
Eta Beta Katelyn Heard Risk Manager
Eta Chi Olivia Coles Risk Manager
Eta Chi Caroline Apel Honor Council Chairman
Eta Eta Karla Gonzalez Honor Council Chairman
Eta Eta Amber Mensik Risk Manager
Eta Kappa Daana Rodriguez Risk Manager
Eta Kappa Olivia Distasio Honor Council Member
Eta Lambda Maia Hession Risk Manager
Eta Lambda Lauren Saylor Honor Council Chairman
Eta Nu Stefanie Hauser Vice President of Operations
Eta Nu Ariana Flynn Honor Council Chairman
Eta Omicron Janika Ernst Honor Council Chairman
Eta Omicron Natasha Escareno Risk Manager
Eta Phi Tene Deveaux Honor Council Chairman
Eta Phi Mia Kaplan Social Chairman
Eta Pi Caitlyn Verbridge Risk Manager
Eta Pi Kayla Major Honor Council Chairman
Eta Psi Amanda Aurilia Vice President of Operations
Eta Psi Amanda Flores Risk Manager
Eta Rho Margaret Garber Honor Council Chairman
Eta Rho Allison Lemack Risk Manager
Eta Sigma Abby Mast Honor Council Chairman
Eta Sigma Madison Landry Risk Manager
Eta Tau Abigail Hartley Risk Manager
Eta Tau Morgan Scott Honor Council Chairman
Eta Theta Teanna Britton Risk Manager
Eta Theta Rebecca Engel Honor Council Member
Eta Upsilon Katherine Bottini Social Chairman
Eta Xi Emily Thomas Vice President of Operations
Eta Xi Samantha Beck Honor Council Chairman
Eta Zeta Kaylee Smith Honor Council Chairman
Eta Zeta Brooke Badura Risk Manager
Gamma Beta Madeline Mcgeary Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Beta Allison Brantley Risk Manager
Gamma Iota Kali Shamaly Honor Council Member
Gamma Iota McKenzie Nash Risk Manager
Gamma Lambda Abigail Stillwell Social Chairman
Gamma Lambda Kaitlyn Guenther Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Mu Ambriehlla St. John Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Mu Grace Klein Risk Manager
Gamma Pi Desi Lagarde Risk Manager
Gamma Pi Kelsey Savoie Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Psi Hannah Smith Risk Manager
Gamma Psi Courtney Kinder Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Rho Camryn Schmidt Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Rho Carli Jeresko Risk Manager
Gamma Xi Miranda Cromley Honor Council Chairman
Gamma Xi Dalana Pate Risk Manager
Gamma Zeta Courtney Cyparski Risk Manager
Gamma Zeta Alexsa Stewart Honor Council Chairman
Lambda Devon Miller Honor Council Chairman
Lambda Jenna Bartel Risk Manager
Mu Sydney Perkins Honor Council Member
Mu Taylor Gerstner Vice President of Operations
Nu Machelle Tuszynski Risk Manager
Nu Alexandria Overstreet Honor Council Chairman
Omicron Rachel Krolikowski Risk Manager
Omicron Jordyn Goldberg Honor Council Chairman
Pi Larisa Wilburn Honor Council Chairman
Pi Ariana Williams Risk Manager
Psi Caitlyn Lucado Honor Council Chairman
Psi Carington Rains Risk Manager
Theta Alpha Kelly Rickard Honor Council Chairman
Theta Alpha Jordan Mister Risk Manager
Theta Beta Kaleigh Reeves Risk Manager
Theta Beta Sumer Wascher Honor Council Chairman
Theta Delta Michelle Anthonies Risk Manager
Theta Delta Hannah Saputo Honor Council Chairman
Theta Epsilon Donnette Gayle Honor Council Chairman
Theta Epsilon Taylor Keady Risk Manager
Theta Eta Ladaja Kennedy Honor Council Chairman
Theta Eta Elena Simon Risk Manager
Theta Gamma Bethany Barr Honor Council Chairman
Theta Gamma Erin Fleshren Risk Manager
Theta Iota Baillie Padden Honor Council Chairman
Theta Iota Hayden Verinder Risk Manager
Theta Theta Raynia Brown Honor Council Chairman
Theta Theta Marie Jacks Risk Manager
Theta Zeta Jillian Tucker Honor Council Member
Theta Zeta Charlotte Osborn Risk Manager
Zeta Alpha Brianna McKinstry Social Chairman
Zeta Alpha Katherine Connelly Vice President of Operations
Zeta Chi Danielle Johnson Risk Manager
Zeta Chi Breanna Decriscio Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Delta Megan Stephens Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Delta Nicole Faraci Risk Manager
Zeta Eta Emily Ness Risk Manager
Zeta Eta Emma Lux Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Gamma Kelsy Dean Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Gamma Madalyn Curran Risk Manager
Zeta Kappa Jenna McCann Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Kappa Michelle Burman Risk Manager
Zeta Lambda Rebecca Roberts Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Lambda Saquana Gelzer Vice President of Operations
Zeta Pi Emily Canter Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Pi Abigail Harrington Risk Manager
Zeta Psi Constance Reznik Risk Manager
Zeta Psi Sydney Virtue Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Tau Lauren Coon Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Tau Magdalena Lewis Risk Manager
Zeta Theta Donave Habben Social Chairman
Zeta Theta Mesa Locascio Risk Manager
Zeta Upsilon Laura Fahey Honor Council Chairman
Zeta Upsilon Emily Flathers Vice President of Operations
Alpha Beta Cara Amato Coach
Eta Omicron Veronica Atkins Coach
Zeta Kappa Lisa Bussiculo Coach
Psi Allyson Carr Coach
Epsilon Epsilon Katelyn Causey Coach
Alpha Delta Lauren Cunkelman Coach
Alpha Chi Tiffany Curtis Coach
Epsilon Rho Rachel Fenske Coach
Staff Misty Fingar Coach
Nu Erica Grossman Coach
Staff Kristen Gurreri Coach
Alpha Phi Stacey Jaksa Coach
Epsilon Omicron Morgan Kaplan Coach
Epsilon Kappa Kim Katz Coach
Epsilon Nu Amanda Kerns Coach
Epsilon Beta Danielle Kloap Coach
Epsilon Iota Kyleigh Lindberg Coach
Friend of Sigma Rafael Matos Coach
Friend of Sigma Matthew Mitchell Coach
Epsilon Alpha Meredith Nahm Coach
Epsilon Eta Michelle Osborn-Hallet Coach
Alpha Epsilon Allison Parks Coach
Alpha Upsilon Lorin Phillips Coach
Beta Epsilon Courtney Powelson Coach
Epsilon Delta Ann Rutkowski Coach
Theta Alpha Jessica Schauble Coach
Epsilon Rho Janelle Schmidt Coach
Eta Omicron Catherine Till Coach
Epsilon Pi Sara Toluba Coach
Delta Chi Aileen Toomey Coach
Beta Beta Anne Verry Coach
Alpha Epsilon Taylor Wilson Coach
Epsilon Nu Doris Booton Advisor
Delta Omicron Amanda Gower Advisor
Delta Delta Alecia Harrison Advisor
Delta Beta Catherine Hudson Advisor
Epsilon Epsilon Kelly Lake Advisor
Delta Zeta Gwendolyn Raifsnider Advisor
Beta Delta Lori Richard Advisor
Nu Sydney Swinicki Advisor
Epsilon Psi  Jenna Stein Interpreter