Honor a Sigma Leader at a 2020 Leadership Program

On January 3-5 in St. Louis, Missouri, more than 230 Tri Sigmas will attend Presidents Academy and Recruitment Summit. These programs will be hosted in tandem as an opportunity for Chapter Presidents and Membership Recruitment Directors from around the country to come together, share ideas, develop new skills and learn new strategies for successful chapter leadership.

Additionally, on January 10-12 in Dallas, Texas, another 130+ sisters and facilitators will attend Prevention Institute. This program is an educational opportunity emphasizing the necessary partnership between members, National Headquarters, volunteers, advisors, and college/university partners to ensure safety for all members.

You can show support to sisters and friends attending with our Violet Tribute tradition. With each $5 gift, you can honor her new leadership role while supporting the Tri Sigma Foundation. Your contributions will benefit the continued growth of our leadership programs like Prevention Institute, Presidents Academy and Dunham Women of Character Institute.

Honor a Chapter President, Membership Recruitment Director, Risk Manager, Honor Council Chair or program staff listed below by making a gift in her honor at VioletTributes.com. You can easily search for her by full name and chapter. The Foundation will ensure she receives a violet to wear on her name tag for each gift made in her honor from now until December 17 at 11:59 pm EST. You can include a special message of encouragement with each gift, which she will receive via e-mail.

Every donation is tax-deductible and benefits our Greatest Need. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support and Violet Tributes!


Send a Violet Tribute today!


2020 Presidents Academy (registration as of 12-12-19)

Chapter First Name Last Name Registration 
Alpha Sarah Myroup Chapter President
Alpha Alpha Carley Lee Chapter President
Alpha Alpha Shiloh Parrish Chapter President
Alpha Beta Kyra Mymo Chapter President
Alpha Chi Logan Colvis Chapter President
Alpha Epsilon Maya Rupard Chapter President
Alpha Gamma Paeton Harms Chapter President
Alpha Iota Kyleigh Harrell Chapter President
Alpha Mu Margaret Shepherd Chapter President
Alpha Omicron Destiny Releford Chapter President
Alpha Phi MacKenzie Harrington Chapter President
Alpha Pi Daunice Briggs Chapter President
Alpha Psi Itzel Gomez Chapter President
Alpha Rho Allison Butterly Chapter President
Alpha Theta Catherine Miano Chapter President
Alpha Upsilon Andie Reichenbaum Chapter President
Alpha Xi Grace Sinclair Chapter President
Alpha Zeta Brette Reaux Chapter President
Beta Alpha Madison Deacon Chapter President
Beta Beta Megan Rogers Chapter President
Beta Delta Aneyla Dozier Chapter President
Beta Epsilon Rachel Greene Chapter President
Beta Mu Makenzie White Chapter President
Beta Pi Xena Vandusartz Chapter President
Beta Tau Natalia Gomez Chapter President
Beta Theta Alexia Richie Chapter President
Beta Upsilon Brianna Clemente Chapter President
Beta Xi Gabrielle Baker Chapter President
Chi Annie Vaters Chapter President
Delta Beta Meghan O’Connell Chapter President
Delta Chi Allison Riley Chapter President
Delta Delta Annabel Richards Chapter President
Delta Eta Kaitlyn Hembree Chapter President
Delta Omicron Nicole Carach Chapter President
Delta Pi Rachel Fisher Chapter President
Delta Psi Cailyn Kiewe Chapter President
Delta Upsilon Amanda Streimer Chapter President
Delta Zeta Marley Houghton Chapter President
Epsilon Alpha Daisy Talavera Chapter President
Epsilon Beta Kayla McDougald Chapter President
Epsilon Chi Lillian Rupert Chapter President
Epsilon Delta Clare Davis Chapter President
Epsilon Epsilon Olivia Stragapede Chapter President
Epsilon Eta Samantha Peck Chapter President
Epsilon Gamma Sarah Dombrowski Chapter President
Epsilon Iota Molly Moser Chapter President
Epsilon Kappa Nicole Mohrmann Chapter President
Epsilon Nu Makenzie Sichelstiel Chapter President
Epsilon Omicron Molly Whitcomb Chapter President
Epsilon Phi Ashlyn Shaw Chapter President
Epsilon Pi Sydney Ribelin Chapter President
Epsilon Psi Ashley Rezendes Chapter President
Epsilon Rho Alanna Smith Chapter President
Epsilon Sigma Summer Wilson Chapter President
Epsilon Tau Victoria Soria Chapter President
Epsilon Theta Caitlin Marshall Chapter President
Epsilon Upsilon Victoria Vigliotti Chapter President
Epsilon Zeta Kimberly Green Chapter President
Eta Alpha Hannah Robertson Chapter President
Eta Beta Kelsey Branham Chapter President
Eta Chi Caitlin Blakeley Chapter President
Eta Eta Samantha Samarelli Chapter President
Eta Kappa Roxanne Rinaldi Chapter President
Eta Lambda Madison Johnson Chapter President
Eta Nu Alexa Westenberger Chapter President
Eta Omicron Deju Vela Chapter President
Eta Phi Roseanne Planker Chapter President
Eta Pi Casey Vetter Chapter President
Eta Rho Taylor Cooper Chapter President
Eta Sigma Rebekah Weisinger Chapter President
Eta Tau Katherine Jones Chapter President
Eta Theta Jacqui Miller Chapter President
Eta Upsilon Jasmine Duff Chapter President
Eta Xi Dominique Ballinger Chapter President
Eta Zeta Brooke Badura Chapter President
Gamma Beta Alex Foutz Chapter President
Gamma Iota Hannah McGovern Chapter President
Gamma Lambda Courtney Diedrick Chapter President
Gamma Mu Katelyn Magri Chapter President
Gamma Pi Gracie Bellanger Chapter President
Gamma Psi Ada Stamps Chapter President
Gamma Rho Sarah Irvin Chapter President
Gamma Xi Sydney Gillispie Chapter President
Gamma Zeta Maisi McIntyre Chapter President
Lambda Morgan Brennan Chapter President
Mu Kyndal Bredehoeft Chapter President
Nu Kate Schuler Chapter President
Omicron Liliana Ortega Chapter President
Pi Gwendolyn Schwein Chapter President
Psi Kayla Hammond Chapter President
Theta Alpha Courtney Murtha Chapter President
Theta Beta Danielle Edwards Chapter President
Theta Delta Claire Gallaher Chapter President
Theta Epsilon Madeline Anderson Chapter President
Theta Eta Charlize Wilson Chapter President
Theta Gamma Molly Bartels Chapter President
Theta Iota Courtney Anne Nappi Chapter President
Theta Kappa Haley Johnson Chapter President
Theta Lambda Katie Ramsey Chapter President
Theta Theta Olivia Bigelow Chapter President
Theta Zeta Emily Howell Chapter President
Zeta Alpha Jessica Macia Chapter President
Zeta Chi Rebecca Cook Chapter President
Zeta Delta Molly McMorrow Chapter President
Zeta Eta Melodi Leutbounshou Chapter President
Zeta Gamma Demi Wilson Chapter President
Zeta Kappa Emily Clark Chapter President
Zeta Lambda Lauren Emerson Chapter President
Zeta Pi Allison Churchman Chapter President
Zeta Psi Julia Farnung Chapter President
Zeta Tau Megan Parmer Chapter President
Zeta Theta Kelsi Shawcroft Chapter President
Zeta Upsilon Sabrina Voeuk Chapter President
Alpha Iota Paige Brown Program Staff
Delta Pi Jennifer Avenel Program Staff
Gamma Beta Natalie Averette Program Staff
Psi Allyson Carr Program Staff
Gamma Mu Kelli Colletti Program Staff
Staff Candida Evans Program Staff
Alpha Mu Lauren Green Program Staff
Epsilon Beta Danielle Kloap Program Staff
Staff Melissa Kolb Program Staff
Staff Carson Lance Program Staff
Zeta Epsilon Celinda Miranda-LaBella Program Staff
Alpha Omicron Desiree Paulhamus Program Staff
Iota Alpha Christina Smithhisler Program Staff
Staff Michael Steele Program Staff
Theta Gamma Caitlyn Westfall Program Staff


2020 Recruitment Summit (registration as of 12-12-19)

Chapter First Name Last Name Registration
Alpha Brittany Smith Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Alpha Alexandria Mizia Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Beta Samantha Cunningham Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Chi Melanie Husk Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Epsilon Chloe Kallhoff Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Gamma Madison Barrera Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Iota Hannah Reynolds Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Mu Grace Young Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Omicron Abigail Vansickle Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Phi Madison Goss Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Pi Morgan Maizer Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Psi Karina Delgado Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Rho KelliJo Bauman Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Theta Abbey Taylor Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Upsilon Hanna Obaidy Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Upsilon Catherine Piaza Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Zeta Peyton Harville Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Alpha Brooke Tonozzi Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Alpha Kelsey Vogel Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Beta Emily West Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Delta Lexi Putnam Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Epsilon Leticia Diaz Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Mu Haley Ireland Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Pi Grace Weinzierl Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Tau Micah Socha Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Theta Maci Prinzing Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Upsilon Destiny Marino Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Upsilon Chloe Mesogitis Membership Recruitment Director
Beta Xi Caitlin Helterbrand Membership Recruitment Director
Chi Adrea Shadbolt Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Beta Amalia Belyea Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Delta Melissa DePierro Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Eta Carley Allen Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Omicron Sarah Kotchey Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Pi Reagan Queen Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Psi Lauren Bello Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Upsilon Madison Chambers Membership Recruitment Director
Delta Zeta Lauren Migliorino Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Alpha Vanessa Lopez Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Beta Hailie Spaulding Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Chi Amanda Hasenauer Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Delta Mckenna Martinosky Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Epsilon Marina Nazziola Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Eta Erica Correia Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Gamma Alaina Hefferan Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Iota Yecenia Arteaga Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Kappa Windy Vang Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Nu Piper Cole Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Omicron Samantha Menczywor Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Phi Elizabeth Coleman Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Pi Gabrielle Ardelt Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Psi Emily Carter Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Rho Kaitlin Stankey Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Sigma Madison Hewlett Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Tau Lisa Ogueke Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Theta Jennifer Ramirez-Soto Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Upsilon Danielle Sica Membership Recruitment Director
Epsilon Zeta Sarah Pratt Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Alpha Elizabeth Vitt Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Chi Nia Jones Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Eta Samantha Samarelli Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Kappa Lily Welch Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Lambda Lauren Grossmith Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Nu Lauren Storch Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Omicron Ashley Ponicsan Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Phi Chelsea Hidalgo Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Pi Sadie Haddock Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Rho Kelly Gray Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Sigma Kyla Berrey Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Tau Madison Patrick Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Theta Livija Shaeffer Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Upsilon Hannah Orndorff Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Xi Harley Dunlap Membership Recruitment Director
Eta Zeta Brenna Petrie Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Beta Carly Campbell Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Iota Mackenzie Smith Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Lambda Emily Skoog Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Mu Rylee Schultz Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Pi Sydney Matherne Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Psi Sadie Younce Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Rho Mariah Gareis Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Xi Alexis Lewis Membership Recruitment Director
Gamma Zeta Madeline Reno Membership Recruitment Director
Lambda Taylor Berman Membership Recruitment Director
Mu Halle Kissell Membership Recruitment Director
Nu Gracie May Membership Recruitment Director
Omicron Kaitlyn Bricker Membership Recruitment Director
Pi Kelsey Wilson Membership Recruitment Director
Psi Emi Hammond Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Alpha Brooke McCarthy Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Beta Nicole Dowd Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Delta Madeline Schaeffer Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Epsilon Jasel Layson Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Eta Alexandra Mansoor Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Gamma Alyssa Morris Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Iota Chloe Cory Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Iota Katharine Lightfoot Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Kappa Allison Bucheger Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Lambda Mallory Brotherton Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Theta Gabrielle Chudzik Membership Recruitment Director
Theta Zeta Jacqueline Abraham Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Alpha Stephanie Goguen Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Chi Taylor Smith Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Delta Gianna Hiotis Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Delta Abigail Kelly Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Eta Amanda Brandt Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Gamma Faith Hughes Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Kappa Isabella Ingemi Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Lambda Kellianne Lunny Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Pi Jamie Johansson Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Psi Kelly Lennon Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Tau Baileigh Castanedo Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Theta Amanda Rouse Membership Recruitment Director
Zeta Upsilon Hannah Gilrain Membership Recruitment Director
Alpha Iota Michaela Daniels Program Staff
Delta Delta Ellen Elmore Program Staff
Epsilon Omicron Carly Lindquist Program Staff
Zeta Gamma Kailea Marshall Program Staff
Staff Katelyn Whitty Program Staff

2020 Prevention Institute (registration as of 12-12-19)

Chapter First Name Last Name Registration
Alpha SaraJane Anderson Honor Council Chair
Alpha Madison Pearce Risk Manager
Alpha Alpha Meredith Gwinn Honor Council Chair
Alpha Beta Zoe Geftos Honor Council Chair
Alpha Beta Kailey Klimkowski Risk Manager
Alpha Chi Olivia Rose Honor Council Chair
Alpha Chi Reagan Melton Risk Manager
Alpha Epsilon Emili Gohr Honor Council Chair
Alpha Epsilon Elisabeth Smith Risk Manager
Alpha Gamma Marisa Sanchez Honor Council Chair
Alpha Gamma Alexandria Brungardt Risk Manager
Alpha Iota Brooklyn Blossom Honor Council Chair
Alpha Iota Alyssa Lemley Risk Manager
Alpha Mu Mackenzie Gondran Honor Council Chair
Alpha Mu Lexie Babin Risk Manager
Alpha Omicron Destiny Garza Honor Council Chair
Alpha Omicron Kate Stuemke Risk Manager
Alpha Phi Rachel Lazzari Honor Council Chair
Alpha Phi Olivia Poupard Risk Manager
Alpha Pi Kara Hershey Honor Council Chair
Alpha Pi Kaia Rearick Risk Manager
Alpha Psi Cory Coffman Honor Council Chair
Alpha Psi Rachel Spoeri Risk Manager
Alpha Rho Katelynn Owens Honor Council Chair
Alpha Rho Mikayla Wrubel Risk Manager
Alpha Theta Hannah Freitag Honor Council Chair
Alpha Theta Gillian Shepard Risk Manager
Alpha Upsilon Casey Rafferty Honor Council Chair
Alpha Upsilon Katie Sharbaugh Risk Manager
Alpha Xi Maya Trichardt Honor Council Chair
Alpha Xi Brieanna Vincent Risk Manager
Alpha Zeta Kelsi Horn Honor Council Chair
Alpha Zeta Grace Gosserand Risk Manager
Beta Alpha Payton Risinger Honor Council Chair
Beta Alpha Abigail Lampe Risk Manager
Beta Beta Rylee Parrott Honor Council Chair
Beta Beta Emily Drollinger Risk Manager
Beta Delta Madison Detrick Honor Council Chair
Beta Delta Caton Reynolds Risk Manager
Beta Epsilon Kennedy Gray Honor Council Chair
Beta Epsilon Sydney Franklin Risk Manager
Beta Mu Riley Nease Honor Council Chair
Beta Mu Mikalyn Strother Risk Manager
Beta Pi Paige Sandoval Honor Council Chair
Beta Pi Bailey Ewing Risk Manager
Beta Tau Samantha Johnson Honor Council Chair
Beta Tau Diana Devine Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Beta Theta Camryn Albrecht Honor Council Chair
Beta Theta Kathryn Schuck Risk Manager
Beta Upsilon Samantha Generotti Honor Council Chair
Beta Upsilon Madeline Marron Risk Manager
Beta Xi Anna Ockel Honor Council Chair
Beta Xi Hailey Coates Risk Manager
Chi Skylar Rosenfeld Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Chi Olivia Shurtleff Risk Manager
Delta Beta Stephanie Gibson Honor Council Chair
Delta Beta Allison Arthur Risk Manager
Delta Chi Brielle Symdon Honor Council Chair
Delta Chi Madison Purvis Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Delta Delta Dorothy McGee Honor Council Chair
Delta Delta Kelly Lin Risk Manager
Delta Eta Grace Walker Honor Council Chair
Delta Eta Kaitlyn Hembree Risk Manager Subsitute – Chapter President
Delta Omicron Heather Majewski Honor Council Chair
Delta Pi Allee Campbell Honor Council Chair
Delta Pi Leslie Bradley Risk Manager
Delta Psi Christina DeLotto Honor Council Chair
Delta Psi Natalie Nguyen Risk Manager
Delta Upsilon Makayla Chatman Honor Council Chair
Delta Upsilon Emma Meade Risk Manager
Delta Zeta Caprice Gillick Honor Council Chair
Delta Zeta Olivia Swallow Risk Manager
Epsilon Alpha Arely Moreira Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Alpha Madison Hobbs Risk Manager
Epsilon Beta Olivia White Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Chi Anna Donnelly Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Chi Emily Schabel Risk Manager
Epsilon Delta Lillian McKinley Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Delta Carolyn Schreck Risk Manager
Epsilon Epsilon Sydney Callahan Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Epsilon Epsilon Sarah Hoffmann Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Epsilon Eta Jane Hiscano Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Eta Caitlyn Biegert Risk Manager
Epsilon Gamma Izzy Finn Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Gamma Anne Bartholomew Risk Manager
Epsilon Iota Sara Hernandez Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Iota Talina Bechara Risk Manager
Epsilon Kappa Madison Horstman Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Epsilon Kappa Courtney Gneiser Risk Manager
Epsilon Nu Alyssa Merrell Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Nu Taylor Johnson Risk Manager
Epsilon Omicron Weronika Rybarska Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Omicron Sarah Lisewski Risk Manager
Epsilon Phi Zoe Lloyd Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Phi Ashlyn Shaw Risk Manager Subsitute – Chapter President
Epsilon Pi Cassandra Brown Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Pi Katelyn White Risk Manager
Epsilon Psi MaryKate Wilton Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Psi Chelsey Aten Risk Manager
Epsilon Rho Zoe Wigginton Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Rho Sarah Weis Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Epsilon Sigma Amelia Guthrie Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Sigma Carolina Shiosaky Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Tau Kali Kessinger Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Tau Rose Foley Risk Manager
Epsilon Theta Hannah Roberts Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Upsilon Demi Lonergan Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Upsilon Sophia Castillo Risk Manager
Epsilon Zeta Autumn Rowe Honor Council Chair
Epsilon Zeta Kendall McMahen Risk Manager
Eta Alpha Macy Guevara Honor Council Chair
Eta Alpha Jaedyn Colvin Risk Manager
Eta Beta Calesta Grooms Honor Council Chair
Eta Beta Ashley Burrows Risk Manager
Eta Chi Krystal Ernst Honor Council Chair
Eta Chi Taylor Schmitt Risk Manager
Eta Eta Samantha Samarelli Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Eta Haley Gielbeda Risk Manager
Eta Kappa Priscilla Hernandez Honor Council Chair
Eta Kappa Joy Livengood Risk Manager
Eta Lambda Tessa Weber Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Lambda Emerson Gieryic Risk Manager
Eta Nu Patricia Knodel Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Nu Cassidy DeMona Risk Manager
Eta Omicron Lianna Cook Honor Council Chair
Eta Omicron Helen Bruno Risk Manager
Eta Phi Samantha Angelillo Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Phi Erin Benard Risk Manager
Eta Pi Baylie Wycoff Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Pi Jenna Hays Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Eta Rho Toni Becker Honor Council Chair
Eta Rho Hannah Douglas Risk Manager
Eta Sigma Stefanie Carballo Honor Council Chair
Eta Sigma Cheyenne Grissom Risk Manager
Eta Tau Samantha Reynolds Honor Council Chair
Eta Tau Faith Torcuator Risk Manager
Eta Theta Jessica Stauber Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Eta Theta Madison Sweeney Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Eta Upsilon Amanda Atkins Honor Council Chair
Eta Upsilon Hannah Orndorff Risk Manager
Eta Xi Brianna Valerio Honor Council Chair
Eta Xi Faith Kurywczak Risk Manager
Eta Zeta Justina Kohler Honor Council Chair
Eta Zeta Brooke Badura Risk Manager Subsitute – Chapter President
Gamma Beta Kaitlyn Sheeran Risk Manager
Gamma Iota Isabel Soediono Honor Council Chair
Gamma Iota Madeline Sullivan Risk Manager
Gamma Lambda Morgan Ziskovsky Honor Council Chair
Gamma Lambda Kelli Bergmark Risk Manager
Gamma Mu Lauren Stevens Honor Council Chair
Gamma Mu Elise Hewitt Risk Manager
Gamma Pi Katelyn Gautreaux Honor Council Chair
Gamma Pi Kolbie Keiser Honor Council Chair
Gamma Psi Cristen Brockett Honor Council Chair
Gamma Psi Emmaleigh Mynhier Risk Manager
Gamma Rho Cassie Krull Honor Council Chair
Gamma Rho Rachael Duncan Risk Manager
Gamma Xi Julia Williams Honor Council Chair
Gamma Xi Brooke Ryals Risk Manager
Gamma Zeta Alexia Journey Honor Council Chair
Gamma Zeta Lauren Mock Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Lambda Rachel Pearce Honor Council Chair
Lambda Alyssa Carter Risk Manager
Mu Emily Masters Honor Council Chair
Mu Mary Hogan Risk Manager
Nu Mariah Turner Honor Council Chair
Nu Carrington Frevert Risk Manager
Omicron Jasmine Fitzgerald Honor Council Chair
Omicron Araya Hutchison Risk Manager
Pi Kelsey Beary Honor Council Chair
Pi Loren Rice Risk Manager
Psi Bryton Leadman Honor Council Chair
Psi Kristen Ash Risk Manager
Theta Alpha Helen Doddato Honor Council Chair
Theta Alpha Samantha Rossano Risk Manager
Theta Beta Alaina Strauss Honor Council Chair
Theta Beta Hannah Esposito Risk Manager
Theta Delta Amanda Maggiore Honor Council Chair
Theta Delta Grace Wilson Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Theta Epsilon Rachel Malmon Honor Council Chair
Theta Epsilon Reagan McGrath Risk Manager
Theta Eta Alexandra Owen Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Theta Eta Kamyla Gooden Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Theta Gamma Mikala Janicki Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Theta Gamma Halle Douglass Risk Manager
Theta Iota Shelby Ptak Honor Council Chair
Theta Iota Sarah Turquitt Risk Manager
Theta Kappa Megan Schroeder Honor Council Chair
Theta Kappa Kristin Tollefson Risk Manager
Theta Lambda Margaret Melvin Honor Council Chair
Theta Lambda Francesca Butler Risk Manager
Theta Theta Emily Alton Honor Council Chair
Theta Theta MacKenzie Joseph Risk Manager
Theta Zeta Blanche Spiner Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Theta Zeta Mary Price Risk Manager
Zeta Alpha Lily Iacurci Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Zeta Alpha Rachel Lerch Risk Manager
Zeta Chi Emma Shenk Honor Council Chair
Zeta Chi Alexis Oliver Risk Manager
Zeta Delta Sapir Riskovich Honor Council Chair Subsitute – Other Honor Council
Zeta Delta Rebecca Eisenberg Risk Manager
Zeta Eta Caitlin Normoyle Honor Council Chair
Zeta Eta Alicia Fahland Risk Manager
Zeta Gamma Alexis Nabors Honor Council Chair
Zeta Gamma Kylie Carrell Risk Manager
Zeta Kappa Erin Collins Honor Council Chair
Zeta Kappa Emma Schreiber Risk Manager
Zeta Lambda Sasha Griffin Honor Council Chair
Zeta Lambda Corinne Clevenger Risk Manager
Zeta Pi Christle Moore Honor Council Chair
Zeta Pi Allison Churchman Risk Manager Subsitute – Chapter President
Zeta Psi Shayna Cesaro Honor Council Chair
Zeta Psi Chloe Blanton Risk Manager
Zeta Tau Caroline Langley Honor Council Chair
Zeta Tau Malia Johnson Risk Manager Subsitute – Social Chair
Zeta Theta Amber Reilly Honor Council Chair
Zeta Theta Byllie Jo Klimetz Risk Manager
Zeta Upsilon Christina Rodriguez Honor Council Chair
Zeta Upsilon Alicia Ferrick Risk Manager
Delta Delta Alecia Harrison Advisor
Epsilon Nu Leanne Stephens Advisor
Zeta Theta Bryanna Vance Advisor
Alpha Beta Cara Amato Coach
Delta Delta Catherine Atkinson Coach
Alpha Zeta Rebekah Aultman Coach
Psi Allyson Carr Coach
Eta Upsilon Alexandra Cash Coach
Epsilon Epsilon Katelyn Causey Coach
Zeta Psi Heather Cruz Coach
Delta Delta Ellen Elmore Coach
  Candida Evans Coach
Alpha Beta Haley Foster Coach
Alpha Phi Stacey Jaksa Coach
Epsilon Kappa Kim Katz Coach
Epsilon Beta Danielle Kloap Coach
Epsilon Gamma Kelly Kuzara Coach
  Carson Lance Coach
Beta Delta Greysen Lingg Coach
Eta Beta Jenna Lowe Coach
  Abigail Margulis Coach
Epsilon Epsilon Margaret Martin Coach
Zeta Epsilon Kaleen Martinez Coach
Epsilon Alpha Meredith Nahm Coach
Alpha Chi Joyce O’Daniel Coach
Epsilon Eta Michelle Osborn-Hallet Coach
Epsilon Alpha Courtney Pask Coach
Alpha Upsilon Lorin Phillips Coach
  Michael Rafo Coach
  Ivonne Ramirez-DeBlois Coach
Alpha Omicron Kyla Riggs Coach
Epsilon Rho Janelle Schmidt Coach
Alpha Beta Erykah-Nicole Scruggs Coach
Eta Nu Amy Skinner Coach
Epsilon Pi Sara Toluba Coach
Theta Eta Jenna Venable Coach