Honor a Sigma Leader at 2021 Leadership Symposium

On January 8-9, more than 370 Tri Sigmas will attend the first-ever virtual Leadership Symposium. This experience will provide a series of lessons based on our core leadership competencies. Each participant will tune-in live to develop their skills and hear stories from our membership about how Tri Sigma is empowering them to change the world. Virtual networking groups have been designed to build relationships with sisters and process the Symposium content together.

You can show support to sisters and friends attending with our Violet Tribute tradition. With each $5 gift, you can honor her new leadership role while supporting the Tri Sigma Foundation. Your contributions will benefit the continued growth of our leadership programs.

We know you understand the impact of our sisterhood, the need for connection and opportunities, now more than ever. As the Sorority responds to our sisters’ evolving needs with new programming, we’re able to engage more sisters and increase your impact. New delivery methods and innovative resources will be critical as Sigmas return to campuses this spring.

Honor a Chapter President, emerging leader, graduating senior, or alumna listed below by making a gift in her honor at VioletTributes.com. You can easily search for her by full name and chapter. All Violet Tributes for this program will be delivered electronically via email. Don’t forget you can include a special message of encouragement with each gift.

Every donation is tax-deductible and benefits our Greatest Need. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support and Violet Tributes!

Send a Violet Tribute today!


Chapter First Name Last Name Registration
Alpha Wendy Kirkpatrick General Participant
Alpha Leah Payne General Participant
Alpha Abby Pendleton Symposium Staff
Alpha Susan Sullivan General Participant
Alpha Hannah Westlund Chapter President
Alpha Alpha Emily Cole Emerging Leader
Alpha Alpha Liz Cole Graduating Senior
Alpha Alpha Shiloh Parrish Chapter President
Alpha Alpha Sarah Turner Symposium Staff
Alpha Beta Hanna Airhart Chapter President
Alpha Beta Maddie Hornikel Emerging Leader
Alpha Beta Cassandra Likouris Graduating Senior
Alpha Beta Ryanne Locker Graduating Senior
Alpha Beta KatiLynn Miller Symposium Staff
Alpha Beta Erykah-Nicole Scruggs Symposium Staff
Alpha Beta Natalie Swallow Symposium Staff
Alpha Chi Tiffany Curtis Symposium Staff
Alpha Chi Snooky Davis Symposium Staff
Alpha Chi Melina Eaker Chapter President
Alpha Chi Emily Gulledge Graduating Senior
Alpha Chi Chaney Roberts Emerging Leader
Alpha Epsilon Sophie Briganti Emerging Leader
Alpha Epsilon Sadi Shrieves Chapter President
Alpha Gamma Katelyn Modlin Chapter President
Alpha Gamma Gracie Rudolph Graduating Senior
Alpha Gamma Kaylee Willems Emerging Leader
Alpha Iota Kyleigh Harrell Chapter President
Alpha Iota Kelli Morgan Graduating Senior
Alpha Iota Neriah Wharry Emerging Leader
Alpha Iota Allie Williams Emerging Leader
Alpha Mu Brianna Burns Chapter President
Alpha Mu Tara Gallope Symposium Staff
Alpha Mu Krista Malley Graduating Senior
Alpha Mu Nicole Parker Emerging Leader
Alpha Nu Jill Zager General Participant
Alpha Omicron Charity Blacksmith Chapter President
Alpha Omicron Madison Pierce Graduating Senior
Alpha Omicron Heather Schay Emerging Leader
Alpha Omicron Sallie Zazal Symposium Staff
Alpha Phi Arlene Ball General Participant
Alpha Phi Natalie Batten Emerging Leader
Alpha Phi Emily Biga Graduating Senior
Alpha Phi Anna McIntosh Chapter President
Alpha Pi Ryleigh Bruner Chapter President
Alpha Pi Kayli Kowalczyk Graduating Senior
Alpha Pi Aly Yasenka Emerging Leader
Alpha Psi Tia Coleman Graduating Senior
Alpha Psi Suzanne Mizgata General Participant
Alpha Psi Jennifer Reid Chapter President
Alpha Psi Arriana Wilkinson Emerging Leader
Alpha Rho Kaylynn Boyd Emerging Leader
Alpha Rho Allison Butterly Graduating Senior
Alpha Rho Jena Harris General Participant
Alpha Rho Courtney Holley Chapter President
Alpha Theta Riley Phillips Graduating Senior
Alpha Theta Mary Stuedemann Emerging Leader
Alpha Theta Kayleigh Turner Chapter President
Alpha Upsilon Maddie Seiss Chapter President
Alpha Upsilon Ashley Wenger Emerging Leader
Alpha Xi Lia Caruso Graduating Senior
Alpha Xi Teagan Kennedy Emerging Leader
Alpha Xi Nikki Kern Chapter President
Alpha Zeta Abbie Butler Emerging Leader
Alpha Zeta Cara Davlin Graduating Senior
Alpha Zeta Lauren Vienne Chapter President
Beta Alpha Gianna Finnigan Chapter President
Beta Alpha Anna Krause Graduating Senior
Beta Alpha Sarah Moore Emerging Leader
Beta Beta Bailey Busby Emerging Leader
Beta Beta Sydney Moler Chapter President
Beta Beta Megan Rogers Graduating Senior
Beta Delta Mikayla Hamrick Graduating Senior
Beta Delta Susan Harris Emerging Leader
Beta Delta Michelle Hektor General Participant
Beta Delta Cameron Mattei Chapter President
Beta Delta Lori Richard General Participant
Beta Epsilon Maria Benedict Graduating Senior
Beta Epsilon Rachel Greene Chapter President
Beta Epsilon Janae Landecho Emerging Leader
Beta Gamma Michelle Harrold Chapter President
Beta Gamma Jo Ann Litton General Participant
Beta Gamma Kara Rees General Participant
Beta Mu Lauren Root Chapter President
Beta Mu Mikey Strother Graduating Senior
Beta Mu Emma Wafford Emerging Leader
Beta Pi Katie Baum Emerging Leader
Beta Pi Kenzie Brooks Chapter President
Beta Pi Mercadees Schara Graduating Senior
Beta Tau Pamela Braund Graduating Senior
Beta Tau Bela Corey General Participant
Beta Tau Stephanie Korte Chapter President
Beta Theta Gianna Giovinco Emerging Leader
Beta Theta Madi Little General Participant
Beta Theta Alex Mercader Graduating Senior
Beta Theta Marideth Tokarsky Chapter President
Beta Upsilon Ashley Chang Emerging Leader
Beta Upsilon Amanda Chizmar Chapter President
Beta Upsilon Madison Fulco Emerging Leader
Beta Xi Tara Benson Symposium Staff
Beta Xi Liz Hoffert Symposium Staff
Beta Xi Rach Lutz Emerging Leader
Beta Xi Josie Mainord Chapter President
Beta Xi Patti Meadors Graduating Senior
Chi Liv Shurtleff Graduating Senior
Chi Morgan Singletary Chapter President
Chi Jaiden Smith Emerging Leader
Delta Beta Kate Cote Chapter President
Delta Beta Chloe Darrow Emerging Leader
Delta Beta Keely McCarthy Graduating Senior
Delta Chi Caroline Miller Chapter President
Delta Chi Allie Riley Graduating Senior
Delta Chi Emma Ziselman Emerging Leader
Delta Delta Jane Bailey General Participant
Delta Delta Ellen Elmore Symposium Staff
Delta Delta Madison Sonzogni Chapter President
Delta Delta Olivia Stafford Graduating Senior
Delta Eta December Egan Chapter President
Delta Eta Bry Scott Emerging Leader
Delta Eta Grace Leigh Walker Graduating Senior
Delta Omicron Sydney Goldberg Emerging Leader
Delta Omicron Allison Walsh General Participant
Delta Pi Jennifer Avenel Symposium Staff
Delta Pi Hailey Forsyth Graduating Senior
Delta Pi Kaylee Hall Chapter President
Delta Pi Hannah Savage Emerging Leader
Delta Psi Caroline Beljan Chapter President
Delta Psi Katie Gehris General Participant
Delta Psi Faith Sakkos General Participant
Delta Upsilon Jessica Ferris Chapter President
Delta Upsilon Allison Kovacs Emerging Leader
Delta Upsilon Amanda Streimer Graduating Senior
Delta Zeta Marley Houghton Chapter President
Delta Zeta Mackenzie Lesko Graduating Senior
Delta Zeta Bell Waltz General Participant
Epsilon Alpha Savannah Gurrola Chapter President
Epsilon Alpha Mere Nahm Symposium Staff
Epsilon Alpha Kayla Washington Emerging Leader
Epsilon Alpha Lauren Weekly-Wilson Graduating Senior
Epsilon Beta Madison Carson Chapter President
Epsilon Beta Ambrosia Chapman Emerging Leader
Epsilon Beta Dani Kloap Symposium Staff
Epsilon Beta Jakee Smith Graduating Senior
Epsilon Chi Anna Geiger Emerging Leader
Epsilon Chi Jada Meadows Chapter President
Epsilon Chi Brianna Peterson Graduating Senior
Epsilon Delta Zoe Ehrensberger Chapter President
Epsilon Delta Kara McCarty General Participant
Epsilon Delta Claudia Ostertag Emerging Leader
Epsilon Delta Skyler Sevacko Graduating Senior
Epsilon Delta Izzy Weller Emerging Leader
Epsilon Epsilon Gabrielle Hernandez Emerging Leader
Epsilon Epsilon Kelley Kralik Graduating Senior
Epsilon Epsilon Natalie Perrella Chapter President
Epsilon Eta Karen Aho Symposium Staff
Epsilon Eta Erica Bonser Graduating Senior
Epsilon Eta Madison Jones Emerging Leader
Epsilon Eta Bella Petrucci Chapter President
Epsilon Gamma Rachelle Baumann Chapter President
Epsilon Gamma Madison Bohatuk Emerging Leader
Epsilon Gamma Kayla Bucci Symposium Staff
Epsilon Gamma McKenna DeWolf Graduating Senior
Epsilon Iota Samantha Beltran Chapter President
Epsilon Iota Bianca Hernandez Graduating Senior
Epsilon Iota Jocelyn Moreno Emerging Leader
Epsilon Kappa Kathleen or KG Dichoso Graduating Senior
Epsilon Kappa Pam Fleming Chapter President
Epsilon Kappa Kim Katz General Participant
Epsilon Kappa TC Krajnak General Participant
Epsilon Kappa Hallie Lemke Emerging Leader
Epsilon Kappa Nikki Mohrmann Symposium Staff
Epsilon Nu Giselle Chun General Participant
Epsilon Nu Charlotte Kohn Graduating Senior
Epsilon Nu Karla Onesto-Perez Emerging Leader
Epsilon Nu Ellie Voight Chapter President
Epsilon Omicron Laura Gray Emerging Leader
Epsilon Omicron Carson Hinshaw Graduating Senior
Epsilon Omicron Becca Riepe Chapter President
Epsilon Omicron Michelle Tantillo Symposium Staff
Epsilon Phi Emma Hicks Emerging Leader
Epsilon Phi Sarah TerMeer Chapter President
Epsilon Phi Ally Wells Graduating Senior
Epsilon Pi Caroline McCutchen Chapter President
Epsilon Pi Caitlyn Morris Emerging Leader
Epsilon Pi Madison Pierson Graduating Senior
Epsilon Psi Kaitlyn DeCola General Participant
Epsilon Psi Ashley Rezendes Chapter President
Epsilon Psi Heather Taylor Emerging Leader
Epsilon Rho Brittney Karschnik Graduating Senior
Epsilon Rho Lis Magdaleno-Garcia Chapter President
Epsilon Rho Linda Manley-Kuitu General Participant
Epsilon Rho Hailey Saniti Emerging Leader
Epsilon Sigma Taylor Carey Emerging Leader
Epsilon Sigma Jillian Jacobson Chapter President
Epsilon Sigma Ava McDonald Graduating Senior
Epsilon Tau Andrea Gemmati Chapter President
Epsilon Tau Kayla Kennedy Emerging Leader
Epsilon Theta Sara Gussman Emerging Leader
Epsilon Theta Enjoli Johnson Graduating Senior
Epsilon Theta Emily Scoular Chapter President
Epsilon Upsilon Brooke Mahoney Emerging Leader
Epsilon Xi Kaki Garard Symposium Staff
Epsilon Zeta Macey Barker Graduating Senior
Epsilon Zeta Kylie Queen General Participant
Epsilon Zeta Autumn Rowe Chapter President
Eta Alpha Lena Hinck Chapter President
Eta Beta Marylin Norris General Participant
Eta Beta Emily Salisbury Chapter President
Eta Beta Brooke Whiting Graduating Senior
Eta Chi Morgan Butler Chapter President
Eta Eta Allie Oliver Emerging Leader
Eta Eta Abby Sears Graduating Senior
Eta Eta Sydney Vezza Chapter President
Eta Kappa Ally Diaz Graduating Senior
Eta Kappa Paola Gomez Emerging Leader
Eta Kappa Sierra Lykins Symposium Staff
Eta Kappa Fatime Osmani Symposium Staff
Eta Kappa Nikki Williston Chapter President
Eta Lambda Cassidy Fernandez Chapter President
Eta Lambda Gabby Stauffer General Participant
Eta Lambda Natalie Vasquez Graduating Senior
Eta Nu Cassidy DeMona Graduating Senior
Eta Nu Vernice Harewood Emerging Leader
Eta Nu Berly Rivera General Participant
Eta Nu Sky Trela Chapter President
Eta Nu Rebecca Walsh Symposium Staff
Eta Omicron Bailey Bridges Graduating Senior
Eta Omicron Bails Doskocil Emerging Leader
Eta Omicron Shelby Kershner Chapter President
Eta Omicron Veronica Seymour Symposium Staff
Eta Phi Erin Benard Chapter President
Eta Phi Priyanka Kathiresan Emerging Leader
Eta Pi Skyler Carey Emerging Leader
Eta Pi Grace McGinnis Chapter President
Eta Pi Ashleigh Sager General Participant
Eta Rho Megan Adams General Participant
Eta Rho Toni Becker Graduating Senior
Eta Rho Angie Gracia Chapter President
Eta Rho Sarah King Symposium Staff
Eta Sigma Mia Bannon General Participant
Eta Sigma Jylian Davis Chapter President
Eta Sigma Erica Lundt Graduating Senior
Eta Tau Alexis Collazo Emerging Leader
Eta Tau Sara Fiorentino Chapter President
Eta Tau Josie Parker Emerging Leader
Eta Theta Kyra Bowar Graduating Senior
Eta Theta Allison Downs Emerging Leader
Eta Theta Livija Shaeffer Chapter President
Eta Upsilon Grace Cavanaugh Graduating Senior
Eta Upsilon Cassandra Matthews Emerging Leader
Eta Upsilon Hannah Orndorff Chapter President
Eta Zeta Brenna Petrie Chapter President
Eta Zeta Jessica Reisinger Graduating Senior
Gamma Alpha Lisa Koeller General Participant
Gamma Beta Bennett Powell Chapter President
Gamma Beta Peyton Spainhour General Participant
Gamma Beta Molly Yukica Symposium Staff
Gamma Iota Victoria Boyne Emerging Leader
Gamma Iota Anna Fedorov Graduating Senior
Gamma Iota Sophie Shapiro Chapter President
Gamma Kappa JeanMarie Komyathy General Participant
Gamma Lambda Gina Benson Emerging Leader
Gamma Lambda Kelli Bergmark Chapter President
Gamma Lambda Ruby Kwallek Graduating Senior
Gamma Pi Gracie Bellanger Graduating Senior
Gamma Pi Kolbie Keiser General Participant
Gamma Pi Harlee Smith Chapter President
Gamma Psi Kathryn Branham Symposium Staff
Gamma Rho Emily Anderson Graduating Senior
Gamma Rho Shelby Harris Emerging Leader
Gamma Rho Angie Scarnati Chapter President
Gamma Xi Irene Henriquez Graduating Senior
Gamma Xi Alexis Lewis Chapter President
Gamma Xi Taylor Medlock Symposium Staff
Gamma Xi Hannah Mulroney Emerging Leader
Gamma Zeta Mikala Claar Chapter President
Gamma Zeta Averie Krug Emerging Leader
Gamma Zeta Alexis Simon Graduating Senior
Iota Alpha Renee Kries Symposium Staff
Iota Alpha Chris Smithhisler General Participant
Lambda Athena Bell Graduating Senior
Lambda Alyssa Carter Chapter President
Lambda Sara Huey Emerging Leader
Mu Morgan Bross Graduating Senior
Mu Kelli Ellis Chapter President
Mu Delaney Wehde Emerging Leader
Nu Kendra Dankenbring Graduating Senior
Nu Olivia Lundquist Emerging Leader
Nu Kamyrn Staley General Participant
Nu Sydney Vaught Chapter President
Omicron Jasmine Kemplin Chapter President
Omicron Mckenna Magda Graduating Senior
Omicron Grace Wiltrakis Emerging Leader
Pi Delaney LeCluyse Emerging Leader
Pi Taylor Morstorf Chapter President
Psi Emily Cadd Emerging Leader
Psi Allyson Carr Symposium Staff
Psi Bryton Leadman Chapter President
Psi Christina Pendell Graduating Senior
Rho Michelle Burke General Participant
Theta Alpha Julie Bugg General Participant
Theta Alpha Brooke McCarthy Chapter President
Theta Alpha Courtney Murtha Graduating Senior
Theta Beta Kasie Cutting Emerging Leader
Theta Beta Danielle Edwards Chapter President
Theta Beta Erica Hagood Graduating Senior
Theta Beta Jessica McCloskey Symposium Staff
Theta Delta Shannon Callanan Emerging Leader
Theta Delta Maria Harris Chapter President
Theta Delta Katelyn Isaak Graduating Senior
Theta Delta Paige Newman Symposium Staff
Theta Epsilon Gabbie DeLong Graduating Senior
Theta Epsilon Angelica Grillo Emerging Leader
Theta Epsilon Renn Maballo Chapter President
Theta Eta Mercedes Duncan Graduating Senior
Theta Eta Charlize Wilson Chapter President
Theta Eta Sadie Wood Emerging Leader
Theta Gamma Laurynn Davey Graduating Senior
Theta Gamma Hannah Wright Chapter President
Theta Iota Jules Mauldin Emerging Leader
Theta Iota Kristen McCay Graduating Senior
Theta Iota Sarah Turquitt Chapter President
Theta Kappa Gretchen Fischer Chapter President
Theta Kappa Chloe Harmsen Graduating Senior
Theta Kappa Parker Wilkinson Emerging Leader
Theta Lambda Aislinn Diaz Chapter President
Theta Lambda Kristie Sonnek Emerging Leader
Theta Lambda Maddie Wiseman Graduating Senior
Theta Mu Erin Kilby Emerging Leader
Theta Mu Sarah Mayberry Graduating Senior
Theta Mu Mikayla Wirth Chapter President
Theta Theta Samantha Bartolotta Graduating Senior
Theta Theta Carol Ruffolo Chapter President
Theta Theta Alexa Warman Emerging Leader
Theta Zeta Aracelli Doescher Emerging Leader
Theta Zeta Eileen Faulk Emerging Leader
Theta Zeta Natasha Pokaleva Graduating Senior
Theta Zeta Mary Price Chapter President
Zeta Alpha Susan Carino Symposium Staff
Zeta Alpha Alyssa Coyne Graduating Senior
Zeta Alpha Katelyn DiSaia Chapter President
Zeta Alpha Bella Pagliazzo Emerging Leader
Zeta Chi Alex Banning General Participant
Zeta Chi Dannie Johnson Graduating Senior
Zeta Chi Annika Morton Chapter President
Zeta Delta Steph or Stephanie Mccann Emerging Leader
Zeta Delta Molly McMorrow Graduating Senior
Zeta Delta Grace Skrezyna Chapter President
Zeta Eta Brenna Knutson Emerging Leader
Zeta Eta Amber Pisano Chapter President
Zeta Eta Ashley Rustad Graduating Senior
Zeta Gamma Maddie Bradberry Chapter President
Zeta Gamma Emma Quintana Emerging Leader
Zeta Kappa Tara Byrne Graduating Senior
Zeta Kappa Bridget Murphy Emerging Leader
Zeta Kappa Francine Popov Chapter President
Zeta Lambda Bianca Castrillon-Robles Emerging Leader
Zeta Lambda Taelor McGlone Chapter President
Zeta Lambda Savannah Sweezey Graduating Senior
Zeta Pi Allison Churchman Graduating Senior
Zeta Pi Bria Covington Chapter President
Zeta Psi Rachael Cenicola Chapter President
Zeta Psi Heather Cruz Symposium Staff
Zeta Psi Katelyn Maris Emerging Leader
Zeta Psi Rebecca Webb Graduating Senior
Zeta Rho Camille Chasteen General Participant
Zeta Tau Ava Blessie Graduating Senior
Zeta Tau Baileigh Castanedo Chapter President
Zeta Tau Grace Ham Emerging Leader
Zeta Theta Morgan Culley Chapter President
Zeta Theta Sklyer Drake Emerging Leader
Zeta Theta Julia Lansing Graduating Senior
Zeta Upsilon Bria Arseneault Graduating Senior
Zeta Upsilon Samantha Downing Emerging Leader
Zeta Upsilon Mairead Weagle Chapter President
Friend of Sigma Candy Evans Symposium Staff
Friend of Sigma Melissa Kolb Symposium Staff
Friend of Sigma Carson Lance Symposium Staff
Friend of Sigma Michael Steele Symposium Staff
Friend of Sigma Ashley Steigerwald Symposium Staff