Honor a Sigma at Dunham Women of Character Institute

On August 3-5 in Pittsburgh, over 150 women will attend Dunham Women of Character Institute. You can show support to a Sigma sister and friends with our Violet Tribute tradition. With each $5 gift, you can honor her as an emerging leader while supporting the Tri Sigma Foundation. Your contributions will benefit the continued growth of our leadership programs like Dunham.

Honor a Woman of Character listed below by making a gift in her honor at VioletTributes.com. You can easily search for her by full name and chapter. The Foundation will ensure she receives a violet to wear on her name tag for each gift made in her honor from now until July 25 at 11:59 pm EST. You can include a special message of encouragement with each gift, which she will receive via e-mail.

Every donation is tax-deductible and benefits our Greatest Need. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support and Violet Tributes!


2018 Dunham Women of Character Institute

First Name Last Name Chapter Registration 
Logan Callahan Alpha Collegian
Kayla Cox Alpha Alpha Collegian
KatiLynn Miller Alpha Beta Collegian
Mya Taylor Alpha Beta Collegian
Lakyn Rye Alpha Chi Collegian
Anna Noblitt Alpha Delta Collegian
Mackenzie Smith Alpha Epsilon Collegian
Paeton Harms Alpha Gamma Collegian
Lauren Klaeger Alpha Iota Collegian
Jessica Treat Alpha Iota Collegian
Danielle Templet Alpha Mu Collegian
Melanie Toups Alpha Mu Collegian
Emma Tarkka Alpha Omicron Collegian
Madeleine Welch Alpha Phi Collegian
Meghan Carpenter Alpha Pi Collegian
Theresa Perini Alpha Rho Collegian
Allyson Cummins Alpha Theta Collegian
Brenna Felicioni Alpha Upsilon Collegian
Haley Henricksen Alpha Xi Collegian
Elizabeth Scott Alpha Zeta Collegian
Susan Bogard Beta Alpha Collegian
Kaylie Comley Beta Beta Collegian
Ashley Cornforth Beta Beta Collegian
Madeline Staubs Beta Delta Collegian
Alyssa Arredia Beta Epsilon Collegian
Maria Benedict Beta Epsilon Collegian
Sterling Ray Beta Mu Collegian
Jourdan Reindl Beta Pi Collegian
Natalia Gomez Beta Tau Collegian
Stephanie Montesino Beta Theta Collegian
Gabrielle Baker Beta Xi Collegian
Danielle Dalton Chi Collegian
Lindsey Schubert Delta Beta Collegian
Jasmine Fristachi Delta Chi Collegian
Annabel Richards Delta Delta Collegian
Anna Jones Delta Eta Collegian
Rebecca Moore Delta Omicron Collegian
Sydney McClary Delta Pi Collegian
Margo Derham Delta Psi Collegian
Molly DeProspo Delta Upsilon Collegian
Morgan Dower Delta Zeta Collegian
Natalie Garcia Epsilon Alpha Collegian
Darby Durey Epsilon Beta Collegian
Kendall Meenan Epsilon Chi Collegian
Toshiana Sommers Epsilon Delta Collegian
Abigail Waid Epsilon Epsilon Collegian
Shannon Conrey Epsilon Eta Collegian
Rachael Morin Epsilon Gamma Collegian
Alexandra Guerra Epsilon Iota Collegian
Samantha Knuth Epsilon Kappa Collegian
Caroline Ingold Epsilon Nu Collegian
Dottie Desmond Epsilon Omicron Collegian
Hannah Flynn Epsilon Phi Collegian
Emily Pierson Epsilon Pi Collegian
Ashley Rezendes Epsilon Psi Collegian
Camille Rosenfeld Epsilon Psi Collegian
Emma Kiger Epsilon Rho Collegian
Heyda Arita Epsilon Sigma Collegian
Victoria Soria Epsilon Tau Collegian
Lily Sams Epsilon Theta Collegian
Eleni Nickolas Epsilon Upsilon Collegian
Taylor Steed Epsilon Zeta Collegian
Reagan McCutchen Eta Alpha Collegian
Alexis McDowell Eta Beta Collegian
Hannah Brown Eta Chi Collegian
Hattie Rowe Eta Eta Collegian
Madilyn Sieber Eta Kappa Collegian
Alexa Westenberger Eta Nu Collegian
Madison Barber Eta Omicron Collegian
Maia Schlussel Eta Phi Collegian
Caitlyn Verbridge Eta Pi Collegian
Hannah Douglas Eta Rho Collegian
Courtney Croghan Eta Sigma Collegian
Emily Gobert Eta Tau Collegian
Ana Chavez Eta Theta Collegian
Mattox Cash Eta Upsilon Collegian
Samantha Beck Eta Xi Collegian
Jamie Woodall Eta Zeta Collegian
Alex Foutz Gamma Beta Collegian
Hailey Alden Gamma Iota Collegian
Molly Bauchle Gamma Lambda Collegian
Carlie Viator Gamma Mu Collegian
Nicole Smith Gamma Pi Collegian
Ada Stamps Gamma Psi Collegian
Sarah Irvin Gamma Rho Collegian
Irene Henriquez Gamma Xi Collegian
Maisi McIntyre Gamma Zeta Collegian
Megan Rengers Lambda Collegian
McKenzie Snyder Mu Collegian
Kendra Dankenbring Nu Collegian
Hannah Rhode Omicron Collegian
Madalin Roberts Omicron Collegian
Hannah Grant Pi Collegian
Cameron Munk Pi Collegian
Hannah Brown Psi Collegian
Rachel Malatesta Theta Alpha Collegian
Danielle Edwards Theta Beta Collegian
Raylee Hook Theta Delta Collegian
Alexis Sweeney Theta Epsilon Collegian
Shelby Gluskin Theta Eta Collegian
Erin Delmore Theta Gamma Collegian
Alyssa Albrecht Theta Iota Collegian
Abigail Kettinger Theta Kappa Collegian
Emma Knode Theta Theta Collegian
Aleah Hixenbaugh Theta Zeta Collegian
Nicole Johnston Zeta Alpha Collegian
Amelia Betzer Zeta Chi Collegian
Amanda Hoffer Zeta Delta Collegian
Julia Schaitel Zeta Eta Collegian
Nancy McCarley Zeta Gamma Collegian
Emily Borini Zeta Kappa Collegian
Makena Brown Zeta Lambda Collegian
Bryce Simpson Zeta Lambda Collegian
Mackenzie Richard Zeta Psi Collegian
Jessica Martinez Zeta Tau Collegian
Kylee Prentiss Zeta Theta Collegian
Caroline Moriarty Zeta Upsilon Collegian
Sabrina Voeuk Zeta Upsilon Collegian
Destiny Alderin Epsilon Nu Mentor
Caitlin Andrews Alpha Iota Mentor
Natalie Averette Gamma Beta Mentor
Arlene Ball Alpha Phi Mentor
Stephanie Blair Delta Delta Mentor
Maritza Chavez Eta Tau Mentor
Kelly Cousins Delta Pi Mentor
Marcia Cutter Beta Gamma Mentor
Michaela Daniels Alpha Iota Mentor
Christa Funk Beta Tau Mentor
Taylor Gentry Epsilon Nu Mentor
Caitlin Gobstein Delta Psi Mentor
Samantha Graffeo Alpha Mu Mentor
Erica Grossman Nu Mentor
Claire Hall Eta Omicron Mentor
Elizabeth Hoffert Beta Xi Mentor
Taylor Jeansonne Alpha Mu Mentor
Sarah King Eta Rho Mentor
Melissa Kolb Mentor
Renee Kries Iota Alpha Mentor
Linda Manley-Kuitu Epsilon Rho Mentor
Margaret Martin Epsilon Epsilon Mentor
Missy Martin Epsilon Zeta Mentor
Joyce O’Daniel Alpha Chi Mentor
Julie Anne Parker Omicron Mentor
Desiree Paulhamus Alpha Omicron Mentor
Bonnie Rainey Alpha Sigma Mentor
Jennifer Rosen Theta Zeta Mentor
Cheyenne Rudd Epsilon Phi Mentor
Ann Rutkowski Epsilon Delta Mentor
Michaela Templeton Eta Rho Mentor
Olivia Villamagna Eta Tau Mentor
Caitlyn Westfall Theta Gamma Mentor