Mabel Lee Walton House


Mabel Lee Walton House, Tri Sigma’s Heart Home
225 North Muhlenberg Street
Woodstock, VA 22664-1424

Phone: (540) 459-4212
Fax: (540) 459-2361

Staff Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

Tri Sigma’s had always dreamed of a permanent headquarters where Executive Office could function efficiently as the center of the organization, but it wasn’t until the 1962 convention that the dream began to take shape. A National Headquarters committee, headed by Lucille Morrison, Omicron, made its final decision on a place that had significance and ties of sentiment to the organization. Also serving on this committee were Edna Conway Schmidt, Xi; Nelda Frances Crawford, Alpha; and Helen Bate Cartwright, Iota.

A year almost to the day after the convention directive the contract for Walton House was negotiated. Rachel Gabel Kyle, Beta Alpha became the Decorating Consultant and budgets were developed for remodeling and furnishings. Mary Jo Foster Clark, Nu joined the board as Projects Chair and urged chapters to share successful fundraising ideas. During this time Executive Office quarters were also completed and Santee Dunham and Helen Cartwright moved the central operation of the sorority from Box 696 in Denison, Texas to Drawer 466 in Woodstock, VA. Official operations began in June, 1965. On April 24, 1966, more than 300 Sigma’s gathered for the Walton House dedication. At that time, National President, Nelda Francis Crawford dedicated the headquarters, hailing the heart home that was so eagerly anticipated by all.

Members of the Mabel Lee Walton House Board:

    • Inez Fridley, Chairman, Gamma Beta
    • Pam Hathaway, Gamma Beta
    • Deb Riggan, Alpha Upsilon
    • Liz Hoffert, Beta Xi
    • Ann Rutkowski, Epsilon Delta
    • Liz Johns, Delta Omicron
    • Lorin Phillips, Alpha Upsilon
    • Susan Flowers, Kappa
    • Lori Schaefer, Beta Pi

In May 2015, we rededicated the Mabel Lee Walton house with a 50th anniversary celebration. View photos from the day and the photobooth.

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Take a virtual tour of Mable Lee Walton House.

Thank you to all our chapters and members that have donated to the Mable Lee Walton House. View the wish list here for current needs.