Our twelve Consultants are representatives of the sorority who work with collegiate chapters throughout the academic year in areas such as officer training, recruitment, and leadership. At the same time, Consultants are cultivating valuable professional skills that will continue to serve them after their year of travel.

Is your chapter hosting a consultant? Do you want more information on becoming a consultant?

The most important qualification for a career at Sigma Sigma Sigma is your own values…

…a commitment to excellence, enthusiasm for hard work,

…personal integrity, and a desire to contribute to a winning team.

2017-2018 Consultants:

Allyson Carr, Psi

Kailea Marshall, Zeta Gamma


Allison Parks, Alpha Epsilon

Courtney Powelson, Beta Epsilon

Catherine Till, Eta Omicron


Annie Verry, Beta Beta

Taylor Wilson, Alpha Epsilon