Grow ΣΣΣ

Our Extension Philosophy

Since 1898, Tri Sigma has focused on building an organization for women that offers an exceptional experience of lifelong membership for more than 100,000 members worldwide. More than 750 campuses worldwide offer membership in fraternal organizations, and Tri Sigma has recommitted to strategic, selective, and focused growth rooted in our values of friendship, character, and conduct.


We look for opportunities to partner with campuses that have a values-focused environment, rooted in student development. When a campus formally opens for extension, our review process begins.

Tri Sigma is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization for 26 member organizations. NPC has offered opportunities for growing campuses to promote that they are ready to expand their sorority community via the NPC bulletin. We review the bulletin using a data focused process specifically focused on campus compatibility and health.

Our primary focus is on values and mission compatibility.

Data demonstrates that Tri Sigma will be most successful when:

  1. The community supports a values-focused sorority experience.
  2. The institution has a commitment to mission, student development and academic avenues for success.
  3. The surrounding community includes exceptionally engaged and committed alumnae, or alumnae willing to connect with a new chapter.
  4. The overall timing of the extension opportunity is favorable.
  5. The students on the respective campus are intellectually curious, values-driven, and responsive to our mission of developing women of friendship, character, and conduct.

After months, and sometimes years of relationship building and planning, we are often invited to join a campus community. At that time, we continue to train and organize a full team of colony advisors, select a resident leadership consultant compatible with a campus, and develop and execute a sophisticated, effective, and robust colonization plan.

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