Tri Sigma Gives on April 20


Margaret Shepherd, Alpha Mu Chapter President

The Foundation understands COVID-19 will impact the lives of sisters like you in many different ways – from closed college campuses to canceled trips with friends and family, and even unreliable income or the disease itself. However, our philanthropic mission calls us to consider the future of Tri Sigma and the financial needs that continue to increase through this uncertainty.

It is with this responsibility that we ask for your support on our first Giving Day. On Monday, April 20, we will honor our Founders and celebrate our future.

Giving back to Tri Sigma during Founders Day celebrations remains a long-standing tradition, and we only ask those who are in a position to support philanthropy at this time to consider donating this April.

Hundreds of Sigmas like Margaret Shepherd, who will return to their college campuses this fall, need your support. Not only will they depend upon the scholarship and leadership development opportunities offered by Tri Sigma, but they will need their chapter advisors along with digital tools and educational resources to be strong leaders for Tri Sigma.

I am only one of more than 6000 collegiate sisters who will return to my college campus this fall needing your support. – Margaret Shepherd, Alpha Mu

Our Sorority depends upon your financial contributions. Adding essential mental health resources for sisters, providing additional chapter advisory board training, and prioritizing much-needed technology for educational initiatives are urgent requests for Foundation funding. We believe these educational opportunities directly impact chapters and the growth of our sisterhood.

Beyond these timely needs, the Foundation must continue to fund academic scholarships, annual leadership programming, grants for our children’s health initiatives, and much more. It’s sisters like you who will give hope for the future of our Sorority.

Make Your Gift Today


Simple Ways You Can support Giving Day


  1. If you are able, will you invest in the future of Tri Sigma? Join our Steadfast Giving Club as a monthly donor or make your gift online. It doesn’t matter how you give, but make a gift that is significant and meaningful to you.
  2. Unable to give today? That’s okay. During difficult times, Tri Sigma is a place for celebration and empowerment. Sign A Promise for Philanthropy and help us unlock a $2500 gift from Heather Mitchell, Epsilon Xi.
  3. Share your favorite Tri Sigma Moment That MattersTri Sigma binds us together and our experiences help us to remember our Founders and our personal why. Each moment remains with us forever.
  4. Join Tri Sigma on April 20 via Facebook LIVE. Be sure to like Tri Sigma on Facebook and get updates within the Facebook event. Learn more at
  5. Check out our progress. Countdown to Giving Day and see which Sigma sisters are showing their support. Plus, which state will rally and lead the way?


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