Countdown to Giving Day 2021

Tri Sigmas believe “to receive much, you must give much.” With a sisterhood of more than 110,000 women worldwide, your generosity empowers our philanthropic mission.

What: This year, the Foundation hopes to raise $75,000 through our second annual Giving Day campaign. Not only do we want to fundraise to support all areas of our mission, but we hope to engage even more Sigmas in their commitment to Tri Sigma. Join a community of Tri Sigmas ready and willing to change their corner of the world with your gift to the Ever True Fund.

Who: While the Giving Day campaign rallies Sigma sisters to support a cause great than ourselves, anyone can donate to support our philanthropy including family, loved ones and friends of Tri Sigma.

When: Our 1 day, 8 hour and 98 minute Giving Day campaign will be hosted April 19th – 20th.

Where: All Giving Day engagement will be virtual via social media and you will have access to an online dashboard to track our progress. Facebook LIVE programming will be hosted by the Foundation on April 19, 20, and 21 at 7 pm ET.

Why: During the month of April in partnership with the Sorority, collegians and alumnae everywhere reflect and celebrate sisterhood, while also investing in the future of Tri Sigma. Each year, the Foundation honors our founders by asking Sigma sisters to give back to our sisterhood.

Make Your Gift Today


Ways You Can Support Giving Day


  1. Join our Foundation Family! Your gift to the Ever True Fund supports our entire mission, along with essential annual operations. Make your gift on April 19 & 20 to be recognized for Giving Day.
  2. Be true to our sisterhood all year long? Join our Steadfast Giving Club as a monthly donor. You can make an impact 365 days simply by making the Foundation a philanthropic priority each and every month.
  3. Help us build a philanthropy that endures. Join our Giving Day efforts by sharing social media and inviting your closest sisters and friends of Sigmas to make a gift.
  4. Join Tri Sigma on April 19, 20 & 21 at 7 pm ET for Facebook LIVE programming. Be sure to like Tri Sigma on Facebook. A schedule will be posted below soon.


Giving Day Videos & Programming


Introducing Ever True Fund

Watch the video here!