March of Dimes Committee

The March of Dimes Committee includes Foundation volunteers tasked with refining our national philanthropic partnership with March of Dimes. The committee helps develop and implement an action plan to engage Tri Sigma members and chapters in raising awareness, engaging their community, and volunteering on a local level for the March of Dimes mission.

For more information about the March of Dimes Committee, contact Alyx Heyer at


2019-2020 Committee


Name Chapter
Shelly Bateman, Coordinator Beta Epsilon
Amber Brenton Pi & Kansas City Alumnae
Clare Ford Eta Chi
Megan Horton Eta Beta
Amanda Marchegiani Beta Xi
Annamarie Mellett Alpha Pi & Harrisburg Alumane
Lori Richard Beta Delta & Harrisburg Alumnae
Brenna Smith Beta Epsilon
Catherine Till Eta Omicron