March of Dimes stories

Each year March of Dimes benefits more than 4 million babies. Among those impacted by March of Dimes, we find Tri Sigma mothers, daughters and their families. As Tri Sigma begins a partnership with March of Dimes, we can learn about the mission and impact we hope to make through our philanthropic initiatives.

Watch the Keppel family story.

Delta Chi alumna Christine Keppel shares her family’s March of Dimes story and how her daughter Amelia has found hope amidst her challenges. Their story shows both the struggles and the miracles that a family experiences with a premature child.

(Unfortunately, a closed caption version of this video is not available as it was provided by a third-party.)

From Amelia’s older sister Maddie, who spoke at President’s Academy 2017:

The difficulties Amelia faces are not stopping anytime soon and the way this affects the rest of my family is not either. That is why we continually support the March of Dimes because not only did they discover and aid in her first battle for life, but they continue to advocate and support her lifelong journey. The effects of prematurity do not stop when the babies leave the NICU. The effects of prematurity  stretch far and wide into our communities, schools, and health care systems. As  does the work of the March of Dimes.

Your volunteer work can also have affects that stretch far and wide in each of your communities. The money you raise, the walks you participate in, the events you attend, the hours you put in and the awareness you raise, will affect every baby born and hopefully decrease the number of babies born prematurely.

Watch the Rysak family story.

Delta Upsilon alumna Melissa Rysak shares her March of Dimes story. Her story includes both loss and love and how premature birth affected her family.

Watch a closed caption version here.

From Melissa Rysak:

We don’t know what caused my early deliveries in either case, and don’t know how they could have been prevented. I find this unacceptable in an age of such miraculous science and medicine. We did everything right, and we still went through one of the worse losses possible…that of a child.

Please, understand that your support of the March of Dimes will lead to answers. I am fully confident that the March of Dimes research will, sooner rather than later, figure out what causes pre-term delivery in otherwise healthy mothers, and more importantly, how to stop it 100% of the time. We need to continue to support their mission, and give the world more Connors. Because a future any other way is simply unimaginable.