Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Community Grants

We encourage you to take an active role in building an inclusive campus culture.  Not every community has the same needs, so the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Community Grant fund is designed to allow flexibility to meet people where they are. An important conversation is happening in our country, and there is no doubt that conversation is being reflected in our chapters. Tri Sigmas have an opportunity to be community leaders through education and setting the example of what diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities look like.

If you are ready to take action, the Foundation Board of Directors recently approved a donor’s proposal for funding community grants for DEI education. With your support, the Foundation will be able to provide enduring resources to support the leadership development and educational needs for both individuals and chapters. This DEI educational grant will support Tri Sigma’s commitment to DEI education within our chapters and communities.

Your financial support will be essential in our progress for diversity, equity and inclusion. The Foundation exists to empower your philanthropic legacy. If you are interested in funding Tri Sigma membership education regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion or would like more information about this giving opportunity, email foundation@trisigma.org.

More information about the application and granting process coming soon.

Emmy Smith, Epsilon Pi and Seattle Alumnae Chapter, aims to use her strengths and her values to create positive change in her community and for her Tri Sigma sisters. In response to a need too long underfunded, she’s choosing to dedicate her time, talent, and treasure to establishing a DEI fund for other sisters to learn, grow, and create positive change in their communities. Emmy has severed as a National Officer and in a variety of other volunteer roles. She leads a team of Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Engineers for Amazon and lives in Seattle with her husband, Charles, and three dogs, Maggie, Cooper, and Sam.