Silver Society

As part of the Foundation’s 25th anniversary celebration in 2017, we announced our Silver Society, recognizing Sigmas who have given to the Foundation for 25 consecutive years or more.

Past Foundation Chair Bonnie Rainey shared, “I remember being at the 1992 Convention when we announced that Robbie Page Memorial Fund and the Educational Foundation would merge to create the Tri Sigma Foundation. Thinking back to when the Foundation was formed, there have been leaders who made giving each year a priority. I cannot thank them all enough for making the Foundation’s mission possible.”

You can join the Silver Society by making the Foundation a philanthropic priority each year and giving annually until you reach 25 years in consecutive giving. For more information about the Silver Society, email

Congratulations to our Silver Society members!

Karen Adams, Beta Rho
Maryellen Baxter, Beta Kappa
Marilyn Beiter, Beta Xi
Doris Black, Beta Epsilon
Mary Jo Bristol, Beta Rho
Mary Brown, Rho
Mandy Chocheles, Gamma Eta
Marcia Cutter, Beta Gamma
Bethany Deines, Beta Kappa
Cj Donovan, Beta Lambda
SAM! Farrell, Epsilon Theta
Carolyn Garofalo, Gamma Rho
Kathy Hedden, Alpha Pi
Liz Hoffert, Beta Xi
Jan Horner, Beta Xi
Jackie King, Alpha Phi
JeanMarie Komyathy, Gamma Kappa
Bette Lewis, Beta Kappa
Shirley McKinley, Alpha Upsilon
RoseMarie Mirabella, Alpha Upsilon
Bonnie Rainey, Alpha Sigma
Ann Seymour, Gamma Mu
Dixie Shelton, Alpha Alpha
Bobbi Smith, Alpha Epsilon
Kathy Thoren, Beta Lambda
Ann Williams, Gamma Eta