Pillars of Sigma

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Pillars of Sigma is an annual giving club that recognizes alumnae who contribute $1,000 in one year (July 1-June 30.) This gift must be given unrestrictedly, which supports the greatest need of the organization. These members receive exclusive opportunities to enjoy invitation-only events with Foundation and Sorority leaders, as well as:

  • Recognition at the Convention Foundation luncheon
  • Pillars of Sigma charm bracelet for first year of membership
  • Yearly membership charm uniquely designed for Pillar Society members

Kara Barbarino, Eta Nu Chapter shares how Pillars of Sigma are making a difference:

As of June 11, 2018 the following women have made the commitment to be a Pillar of Sigma:

First Name Last Name First Name Last Name
Natalie Averette Linda Manley-Kuitu
Marie Beck Laura Manthey
Marge Behm Ruth McCreary
Karrie Benjamin Suzanne McGlone
Angi Bevers Katie McGoey
Marie Bosarge Shirley McKinley
Mary Jo Bristol Heather Mitchell
Mary Brown Karen O’Connell
Kathryn Carlson Bonnie Rainey
Linda Clayton Mrs. Gant Redmon
Marcia Cutter Laura Rhodes
Tracey Daniels Lori Richard
Joann Davis Elna Rogers
Jackie Goreham Sandra Sandel
Allene Hazeltine Lori Schaefer
Elizabeth Hoffert Kaye Schendel
Jan Horner Katie Scherping
Purple Kay Hunsaker Dixie Shelton
Joey Jackson Laura Sweet
Lisa Koeller Catherine Ursprung
JeanMarie Komyathy Katie Wadington
Susie Kuhn Connie Watts
Bette Lewis Alison Wirth
Mindi Major


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