Heritage Society

This distinguished Heritage Society honors all planned giving donors for their support of our mission. We would be honored to include you in our Heritage Society if you have:

  • Provided for the Foundation in your will or trust.
  • Designated us as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, savings bond, bank account, or life insurance policy.
  • Created a planned gift that returns fixed or flexible income to you or others.

Thank you to our sisters who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of Tri Sigma! For more information, email Chris Smithhisler at csmithhisler@trisigma.org.

Heritage Society Members


First Name Last Name Chapter
Karen Adams Beta Rho
Cathy Albright Chi
Revelyn Alpaugh Pi
Jennifer Avenel Delta Pi
Su-Lin Banks Gamma Psi
Mary Barbee Iota
Marie Beck Beta Upsilon
Karrie Benjamin Gamma Alpha
Angi Bevers Beta Gamma
Suzan Bosarge Gamma Mu
Leslie Brady Delta Pi
Mary Jo Bristol Beta Rho
Mary Brown Rho
Amy Buchheit Beta Xi
Tricia Casey Zeta Rho
Camille Chasteen Zeta Rho
Rayna Coleman Alpha Alpha
Heather Cruz Zeta Psi
Marcia Cutter Beta Gamma
Joann Davis Beta Gamma
Jessica Dowches-Wheeler Zeta Lambda
Emily Ellis Gamma Beta
SAM! Farrell Epsilon Theta
Peggy Gamble Alpha Sigma
Merri Gibson Epsilon Theta
Kat Gillan Alpha Zeta
Lois Hansen-Hjelle Alpha Phi
Lynn Harrington Iota
Kathy Hedden Alpha Pi
Michelle Hektor Beta Delta
Liz Hoffert Beta Xi
Jan Horner Beta Xi
Christi Jones-McNeill Delta Pi
Marilynn Kinsella Alpha Xi
Wendy Kirkpatrick Alpha
JeanMarie Komyathy Gamma Kappa
Renee Kries Iota Alpha
Julie Lammel Alpha Sigma
Jo Ann Litton Beta Gamma
Sierra Lykins Eta Kappa
Brenna Magliulo Gamma Xi
Linda Manley-Kuitu Epsilon Rho
Deborah Maves Beta Iota
Dee McConville Beta Gamma
Nancy McCullough Beta Beta
Suzanne McGlone Gamma Mu
Nancy McGowan Kappa
RoseMarie Mirabella Alpha Upsilon
Tracy Mitchell Gamma Xi
Kimberly Omelson Alpha Nu
Kellie Parker Alpha Beta
Jane Parks Alpha Upsilon
Linda Porter Alpha Epsilon
Bonnie Rainey Alpha Sigma
Kara Rees Beta Gamma
Leslie Roods Rho
Annie Rutkowski Epsilon Delta
Tracy Sary Gamma Beta
Lori Schaefer Beta Pi
Kaye Schendel Gamma Phi
Barbara Shenk Alpha Upsilon
Ellen Sigel Epsilon Epsilon
Emmy Smith Epsilon Pi
Sandy Thayer Beta Gamma
Erika Warneck Delta Psi
Sue Watson Delta Kappa
Jean Wiechmann Alpha Epsilon
Deb Wilcox Iota
Ann Williams Gamma Eta
Anne Marie Wilson Alpha Beta
Tara Wisdorf Beta Pi
Debbie Woodroof Beta Gamma
Phyllis Wright Alpha Kappa