Host a Founders Day of Giving Event

Founders Day of Giving Events 

Guide to fundraising at your Founders Day event 


What is Founders Day of Giving? 

During the month of April, in partnership with the Sorority, collegians, and alumnae across the country reflect and celebrate sisterhood, but also invest in the future of Tri Sigma. Each year, the Foundation honors Founders Day by asking Sigma sisters to give back to our philanthropy. With our Founders Day of Giving Campaign, we host a 1-day, 8-hour, and 98-minute Day of Giving on April 19-20. All sisters, along with friends and family of Tri Sigma are encouraged to give. 

While we highlight those two days around Founders Day, we are fundraising for the entire month of April. So, your chapter Founders Day events are included in our totals! 

How to fundraise at your Founders Day Event 

At your Founders Day event, there are multiple ways that you can collect donations and encourage your chapter members and guests to give back to our philanthropy.

Customized Donation Link and Text to Give code

  1. If requested by your chapter, you received an email providing you with a customized donation link for your chapter event. This donation link is unique to your chapter only, and all gifts made through this link will be credited to the chapter.  
  2. If you have not received your email, you can also find your link by clicking here. You must be logged in to Sigma Connect for the information to show.
  3. Using text to give: If you asked for a text to give code, the members can text your “code” to 1-267-367-6937 or 267-EMPOWER. Once they text the code to that number, the customized donation link will be sent to them via text message. 

Didn’t register for a customized donation link? You can still use text to give!

  1. Using text to give: Text “FOUNDERS” to 1-267-367-6937 or 267-EMPOWER. Once you text “FOUNDERS” a donation link will be sent via text message. 
  2. You can still collect donations at your event through cash/check or direct sisters to give online at 

Your chapter will only receive soft credit for those checks sent in together after the event; donations made via the non-customized giving links or via non-customized text to give will not get soft credit.

How to share your link and text to give code: 

  1. Prior to your event, share your text to give code or URL on social media to include any alumnae in your fundraising that aren’t able to attend. Here are two social posts to share with your marketing chair:
    PRIOR TO EVENT On {day/date}, we’re excited to celebrate 124 years of Sigma sisterhood at our Founders Day event! We hope you’ll join us in giving back to support the Sigmas of today and tomorrow as part of Founders Day of Giving. Help {chapter} show our Sigma love by donating here: {link} to give. #TriSigmaFoundersDay
    DAY OF EVENT At our Founders Day event today, {chapter} sisters will celebrate the 136,000 Tri Sigmas who have lived purposeful lives over our 124 year history! If you can’t be with us in person, we hope you’ll join us in giving back to support the Sigmas of today and tomorrow as part of Founders Day of Giving. Help {chapter} show our Sigma love by donating here: {link} to give. #TriSigmaFoundersDay
  2. At the event put the donation link or text code and phone number on a PowerPoint slide to display for everyone to see 
  3. Share the URL/text to give code within your program.

Collect Cash or Checks 

If a member or guest prefers to donate via cash/check, they can: 

  1. Electronic Check. They can use their check to make a gift online with their checking account. They can go to your chapter donation link or and at the bottom where you enter your card info select ACH/eCheck.

  2. The chapter can use giving envelopes and collect all donations after the event. 
    1. If your chapter requested donation giving envelopes, the member can place their cash or check inside the envelope, seal it, and turn it into the chapter. 
    2. If you do not have envelopes, please keep a list of the members’ names and how much they donated and turn that in with your cash/checks. 
  3. Mail their donation directly to the Foundation directly. Make checks payable to the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation and mail to:  

Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation
225 N. Muhlenberg St.
Woodstock, VA 22664 

After your Event 

  1. Email the total raised through cash and checks to be included in the Founders Day of Giving Campaign totals, to 
  2. Did you take any photos? Include those as well! We’d love to highlight you on social media! 
  3. Mailing Cash and Checks to the Foundation: Collect all cash, checks, and giving envelopes that were received at the event and place them in an envelope for mailing. Enclose the following information with your mailed donations: 
    1. Chapter Name 
    2. University or College 
    3. Chapter contact responsible for mailing the donations and a preferred email address and/or phone number the Foundation can contact if we have questions. 
  4. See the total raised through your online donation link here.

For any questions about your contributions to the Foundation, please contact Alyx Heyer at