You empower Tri Sigma leaders

This past January, Collegiate Chapter Presidents attended our national leadership program Presidents Academy. Along with creating a plan for their presidencies, they developed plans for successful personal leadership using their strengths.

Leadership programs such as Presidents Academy provide training and education for our sisters to become future volunteers for our Sorority, experts in their field of study, and leaders inside their future company’s board room.

96% of participants feel they can create a plan for their chapter presidency and successful personal leadership, compared to 66% prior to the program

As we celebrate Tri Sigma’s 120th anniversary, it’s your turn to be an advocate for our youngest Sigma sisters. Below are several of the 2018 participants sharing how Presidents Academy impacted them.

Jacqueline Heath, Eta Alpha

“I learned that through focusing on my strengths, sharing my roadmaps, and having confidence I can be a successful chapter president.”

Elisa Kelley, Theta Epsilon

“While at Presidents Academy I learned about confidence and using my strengths to help my chapter.”

Kellie Hoehing, Alpha Phi

“I had a life changing experience, learning to build my confidence and create a legacy I am proud of. Thank you for making this program possible, I am now a better Sigma woman for attending.”

Amanda Rau, Beta Delta

“While at Presidents Academy, I gained knowledge and made new friends. I can’t wait to continue my experience in Tri Sigma and you make it possible.”

Kalliyan Heng, Epsilon Alpha

“I now have the ability to lead and be the positive influence my chapter needs to make a difference. Thank you for the opportunity, the lessons were priceless.”

Rachel Hartner, Epsilon Phi

“You have given a group of empowered young leaders an opportunity to meet each other and learn how to be outstanding and confident leaders. I have learned so much and made connections for the future.”

Luz Mendoza, Delta Beta

“I learned how to empower my team to develop and use their intrinsic skills. As the leader, I have the responsibility of working with my team so that we can achieve our goals. I learned that in order to do this, everybody’s skills need to be recognized.”

Mallory McConathy, Alpha Zeta

“Because of you, I was able to gather information regarding how to be a confident leader for my chapter. Thank you for making this possible.”

Mariah Ramos, Epsilon Iota

“I was able to grow in my leadership and confidence and learn to surround myself with people that will collectively accomplish great things.”