Potential New Member FAQ

Is there an collegiate chapter in my area?

Check out our Find a Chapter tool to locate a collegiate or alumnae chapter.

How do I volunteer?

Check out our volunteer page to learn more about getting involved.

What are your policies on hazing and/or alcohol?

Tri Sigma has a strong policy against Hazing. The policy is found in the National Insurance and Risk Management Program, a copy of which is on the Risk Management Page of the Members Only section of the website at www.trisigma.org. As an organization, we are proud to be a Premier Level sponsor of HazingPrevention.org, which sponsors National Hazing Prevention Week. The purpose of National Hazing Prevention Week is to promote local campus and community awareness of the dangers of hazing. If you are aware of an activity or event that is defined as hazing, please contact 1-888-NOT-HAZE  Refer to our Alcohol Policy and Hazing Policy.

What will I get out of sorority life?

Check out our benefits of sorority life page for more information.

What does your new member period include?

Tri Sigma believes in “total inclusion from day one”. We have fun, interactive meetings once a week called Arc Sequence. The entire chapter is broken up into groups and we do activities and programming to learn all about what it means to be a Tri Sigma and its history/traditions.

Is being a chapter member time consuming?

Tri Sigma is what you make of it. Members are required to attend 85% of chapter activities each month, but we make events fun so members want to come to them. We encourage high scholarship standards and our members’ participation in outside activities, so you will have plenty of time to study and take advantage of other campus organizations.

How does a collegiate chapter choose new members?

Tri Sigma chooses its members just like you are a choosing a chapter. It is a mutual selection process. Just like you are looking for a chapter that you feel comfortable with, we are looking for members that feel at home with us as well. We look for members that will make loyal, involved Sisters.

How does your sorority membership affect grades and scholarship?

Tri Sigma instills time management skills in its members through their new member program so there is always time for fun things and studying. We encourage good scholarship through incentive programs and National/local scholarships. If a member takes advantage of all we have to offer, she will graduate with a high grade point average and as a well-rounded woman.

How does Tri Sigma encourage academic success?

Sigma Sigma Sigma is a partner in education. We are committed to providing our members with tools to assist with academic success. One of the tools we use is a program called Individual Education Folders (IEF). New members, members below a 2.7 semester GPA and chapters with cumulative GPA below a 2.7 (or below the All-women’s average) will utilize this system to provide immediate assistance. The IEF is simply an education plan, created by the chapter Education Director and the chapter member(s), which fits each woman’s current situation and is detailed to her needs. The IEF includes a scholarship plan, commitment contract, campus resources, and problem/possible solution scenarios. Asking new members to utilize this program not only demonstrates to our members that we value academic excellence, but it also provides a helpful structure to follow. We hope that the campuses we are a part of will refer to Tri Sigma as women committed to academic success and lifelong learning.

What is your policy on alcohol Can you drink in the house?

Members who are of legal age can consume alcohol responsibly at registered social events which follow 100% of our Social Event policies and procedures such as formals and semi-formals. We also encourage participation in nonalcoholic mixers with other campus organizations. Alcohol is not allowed in our chapter houses. Men and romantic partners are not allowed in the private quarters of the chapter house, because we feel it breaks down the Sisterhood of the chapter, and it may disrupt the privacy of other Sisters. Men can visit our Sisters in the sitting areas, kitchen or dining room areas during visitation hours.

What does your National Organization do with the money we give them?

Tri Sigma is a volunteer-based organization. The only paid positions are our executive director, consultants, and National Headquarters staff. The other National Officers and Chapter Advisory Boards (CAB) are volunteers who perform their duties because of their love of Tri Sigma. All other monies are allotted back to the chapters and its members in the form of chapter support, educational programming, publications and national awards.

What is the deadline for Inactive Status and Fifth Year Senior requests?

Inactive and 5th year requests are accepted starting April 1 and due no later than August 15. Both statuses are for the entire academic year and can only be requested April 1- August 15 for the following academic year.

How long are the requests for Inactive and Fifth Year Senior in effect?

Inactive Status requests are in effect for one (1) school term. Fifth Year Senior requests are in effect until the member graduates.

How do I apply for Inactive Status or Fifth Year Senior Status?

Inactive Status requests need to include the Inactive Status Request form and a personal letter from the member stating her reasons for requesting inactive status. Fifth Year Senior requests need to include the Fifth Year Senior Request form, a personal letter from the member stating her reasons for requesting fifth year status, a copy of the member’s transcripts, and $35 for alumnae dues.

Alumnae FAQ

There are many alumnae in my area. How do we go about forming an Alumnae Chapter?

Check out our Alumnae Charter page for more information.

How can I get involved as an alumnae?

Our Volunteer page is a great place to start!

Does Tri Sigma initiate women as alumnae?

Yes. You can get more information on our Alumnae Initiate Program page.

Can I pay my annual alumnae dues on line?

Yes. We have a secure online form to Pay Alumnae Dues.