Eta Nu educates members on consent and healthy love

Every semester, the Eta Nu Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey hosts a comprehensive safe sex education sisterhood. Chapter President Jennifer McGrath said the event was hosted by Sisterhood Chair Deanna Venezio as well as the Vice President of New Member Education Berly Rivera. Berly works as the Office Manager in the college’s Women’s Center. Deanna created a PowerPoint about the topics of consent (its definition and its importance).

Berly hosted a “Healthy Love Party” which begins with an icebreaker. The chapter began with the group splitting into three teams and each team made a list of all the different names reproductive organs and “sex” (one word per team). Then Berly went over myths about condoms and available resources for STI testing on campus.

Jennifer said the key to hosting an educational event like this is to utilize non-gendered language.

“It allows for a welcoming environment for all, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. It also encourages the people participating to do the same,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer also recommends that if a chapter wants to host this type of education, it is wise to utilize a campus Women’s Center or another expert on the subject matter. She also advises that chapters should know that while the subject matter might elicit laughter from members, it’s important to talk about.

“Chapters hosting their own ‘Healthy Love Party’ should be comfortable with the uncomfortable,” Jennifer said. “These types of topics and conversations can make people laugh or feel unsure, but this is important information to learn and if they push past the giggles members can learn a lot.”