2022-2025 Executive Council Application Open

Are you interested in Executive Council service?

The 46th National Convention of Tri Sigma will be held June 23 – June 25, 2022, in Norfolk, Va. Plans are well underway, and June 2022 will prove to be an exciting and historic time for Tri Sigma. One of the most important items of business conducted at Convention is the election of Executive Council. Applications are now being accepted for Executive Council positions. Please note that individuals must apply and nominations are no longer accepted. Applications must be received no later than January 1, 2022.

How does the application process work?

All applications are received by the nominating committee. The committee works diligently to select candidates who are most qualified and best suited to lead the organization. As the process begins, all candidates are rigorously vetted, much like the process when applying to work for a company. All committee members thoroughly review applications, cover letters, and resumes as submitted by applicants. Credentials of each candidate are examined, interviews are conducted, and references are verified. After extensive evaluation, a slate of highly adept officers is prepared and presented at Convention to be voted upon by the assembly of credentialed delegates.

What positions comprise the Executive Council?

The nominating committee will determine who is most qualified to serve on Executive Council and the following positions will be slated for the following office:

  • National President
  • National Treasurer
  • Four National Vice Presidents

Click here to read the full position descriptions. Current Council members do not automatically continue and must participate in the process in the same manner as other applicants. They may also decide not to seek re-election because they have the current term limits or for personal reasons.

How do you submit an application?

As a Tri Sigma, you have the opportunity to apply for Executive Council service if you are an alumnae member in good standing, meet the qualifications and requirements, and are able to honor the full commitment of service. Applications must be received no later than January 1, 2022.

Click here to apply!