Commitment to Tri Sigma continues through college and beyond

Joining a sorority means making a commitment to the organization for a lifetime. While the catch phrase “Not four years, but for life” might look great on a graphic or T-shirt, it’s a way of life for many Tri Sigmas, both collegians and alumnae. Epsilon Kappa Chapter alumna Kim Katz has continued to honor that commitment long after graduating college.

Kim joined Tri Sigma in the Fall of 1999 at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh as a way to get out and make new friends at a new university where she knew almost no one.

“Little did I know at that time that 20 years later I would be even more involved now as an alumna,” Kim said. “As a collegiate member, I didn’t realize the true extent of the lifetime commitment I was making as I became an initiated member of Tri Sigma. I understood it was important, and I understood I was joining something bigger than myself, but I don’t think I truly understood how much Tri Sigma would be a part of my life after college.”

“Through good times and bad, as a collegiate member I can honestly say termination never crossed my mind. Tri Sigma is a family; you stick through it and love it in good times and bad.  My hope in my volunteer roles as Chapter Advisor and Honor Council Regional Coordinator is that I am modeling to these ladies the lifetime commitment of being a Tri Sigma and how it really is not for four years but for life.”

Alpha Epsilon Chapter President Mackenzie Smith recently had positive interactions with alumnae from her chapter that reminded her about how being a member of Tri Sigma is a lifelong commitment.

“Alpha Epsilon alumnae have generously donated a new table for our chapter room as well as $1,400 for other new furniture for the chapter room,” Mackenzie said. “Communicating with the women who served our chapter as active members and continue to serve their chapter really showed me the importance of alumnae involvement in the chapter. Having a few pieces of advice while talking to these alumnae really has shaped my vision for the rest of my term as President.”

When life or relationships become difficult, it can be easy to lose sight of this lifetime commitment and feel like it’s time to “drop your letters” or “deactivate.” These are casual phrases that do not communicate the gravity of deciding to terminate and breaking that commitment made to Tri Sigma. The National Organization provides different membership options to help sisters avoid terminating their membership. Below are all of the membership status options we provide to members. You can find more expansive information in the General Officer Manual. Please reach out and ask for help if you need to change your membership status. We are here to support you as much as we can to help you keep your lifetime commitment to Tri Sigma.


Frequently Asked Questions about Membership Statuses: