Starting an Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae chapters have a long-standing history in Tri Sigma. The first eight alumnae chapters were chartered between 1911-20 and of the original eight, two are still active. That’s quite an incredible accomplishment.

Tri Sigma alumnae chapters pride themselves in upholding Tri Sigma’s tradition of Friendship, Character, and Conduct. A balance of member expectations and sisterhood make membership in an alumnae chapter rewarding. Join the thousands of sisters who are members of an alumnae chapter by locating an alumnae chapter near you.

Interested in making history and chartering your own alumnae chapter? It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Reconnect with members in your area. Contact National Headquarters staff for a list of alumnae in your area by submitting a zip code search found here. Briefly scan the list to identify any members you may know or women you may want to first contact.
  2. Establish interest. Once your zip code search is submitted, a National representative will be in contact to provide resources. The first step is to set a date for a casual event with area alumnae to discuss the interest in chartering an alumnae chapter. The National representative will provide you with a draft agenda for the meeting as well as tips on how to carry out the event.
  3. Build a foundation. If there is a good interest in chartering an alumnae chapter, begin scheduling regular events. Events can include a reoccurring business meeting, community service projects, and sisterhood events. Once the interest group has caught fire and attendance is steady, you begin the process to formally charter an alumnae chapter as outlined in the alumnae chapter manuals.

Don’t hesitate – start the process now!

For immediate questions, email the Director of Lifetime Engagement.