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Pay It Forward – A Story from a Sister


I always find that people are kind to me. I never forget to say thank you.One day my husband (Mark) and I were at the local gas station. I was sitting in the car while Mark pumped the gas. I heard the man in the car behind us ask the attendant if she had some water to sell. She said no and pointed to the close grocery store. I heard him say under his breath, “Forget it.”

Mark and I always keep some bottled water in our car. I got a bottle and walked over to the man and his wife. I handed him the water. He said, “Oh my God, Thank you so much.” “Can I pay you for this?”  I said, “No, am glad to help you out.” I then said, “What you can do is “Pay it forward!” He looked at me and said, “I sure will.”

Kim Davids,


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