Day of Service

Tri Sigma’s Day of Service is the second Saturday of March.  This day of service brings collegiate and alumnae together across the miles in service to actively demonstrate our commitment to citizenship and giving back to our communities.

Day of service is about taking time out of our busy lives one day a year to purposefully spread compassion and good to our communities.  It’s the power of one multiplied by 125,000 (the number of initiated members).  If you aren’t able to participate with your chapter, you can participate individually.  If you are unable to participate on the actual day, pick a day in March that works in your schedule.  No act of service is too small!  Just imagine the ripple effect if we all give just a little bit of time to help those in need.

Tri Sigma Day of Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Did you know…

Did you know that there is a difference between service and philanthropy?

Community Service: The hands-on act of providing assistance or aid to others or the community as a whole. Ex: See all of the service project ideas found on this page!

Philanthropy: Donating funds or goods to organizations in need. Ex: food drives, raising money for a cause, or collecting prom dresses.

There is a difference between helping and serving. Click here to read more!