Chapters find small ways to recognize sisters’ contributions

Theta Kappa, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: Our chapter does something that we call “Love Jar.” During chapter we pass around a jar and have each person write a note to the chapter or a note that is a personal shout out to a member. This is an opportunity for everyone to feel rewarded, helps relieve stress and ends chapter on a positive note.

Theta Kappa also focuses on recognizing sisters who focus on academics. The education director accepts submissions of grades that the chapter women get that are in the A, A/B, or B range called “Geek of the Week”, and for every submission they receive the ability to have their name drawn at a chapter meeting for “Geek of the Month” from the previous month’s submissions. So far, the prizes have been $10 gift cards.

Eta Rho, Georgia Southern University-Armstrong: Each week, we award a sister of the week! We pass forward Bunches of Violets, or BOVs, during chapter to express positive things our sisters did throughout the week to support other sisters. The sister who gets the most BOVs is our sister of the week. This sister gets to take home the support bra. The support bra is a sparkly purple bra that each sister of the week writes positive and inspirational quotes on that is passed to the next sister of the week.

Beta Tau, University of Detroit-Mercy: Each week, we do supportive sister award nominations as well as sunshine award. Nominations are sent in each week for supportive sister and sunshine award. A sister that has been super supportive to another sister will be chosen and receives a certificate and the supportive sister bear. A sister that may have had a rough week and needs some extra love will also be chosen to receive flowers and be recognized at our chapter meeting. This is a great way to recognize sisters and it keeps the support and love through the chapter alive and enjoyable.

Theta Alpha, High Point University: Every chapter we do a “Nerd of the Week” award to recognize sisters who are working hard on their academics. Additionally, we hold study sessions twice a month and provide food. Sisters attend and study together, as well as receive extra points for attending.