Chapter Giving

Chapters, both alumnae and collegiate, provide generous support for the Foundation. Every dollar donated makes an impact on the Foundation’s mission, vision and values. If you are looking to increase your chapter’s commitment, it’s as simple as Learn, Lead, and Give.

While collegiate chapter giving is part of the accreditation process from the National Organization, we encourage all chapters to learn how the Foundation has impacted your sisters. In recognition of chapters fundraising success, we recognize them as an Honor Roll Chapter when a donation is received equal or greater than $25/member.

The Foundation is fortunate to have the support of the following chapters during the 2016 year.


  • Alpha Beta
  • Alpha Chi
  • Alpha Delta
  • Alpha Mu
  • Alpha Pi
  • Alpha Psi
  • Alpha Zeta
  • Beta Alpha
  • Beta Delta
  • Beta Epsilon
  • Beta Tau
  • Beta Theta
  • Chi
  • Delta Delta
  • Delta Omicron
  • Delta Psi
  • Delta Upsilon
  • Epsilon Alpha
  • Epsilon Epsilon
  • Epsilon Gamma
  • Epsilon Iota
  • Epsilon Nu
  • Epsilon Phi
  • Epsilon Psi
  • Epsilon Rho
  • Eta Alpha
  • Eta Chi
  • Eta Nu
  • Eta Omicron
  • Eta Pi
  • Eta Theta
  • Eta Zeta
  • Gamma Beta
  • Gamma Mu
  • Gamma Pi
  • Mu
  • Nu
  • Omicron
  • Psi
  • Theta Alpha
  • Theta Epsilon
  • Theta Zeta
  • Zeta Delta
  • Zeta Eta
  • Zeta Kappa
  • Zeta Pi

The Foundation staff provides
ideas for fundraising events or chapter programs to increase members’ knowledge about the Foundation. If you would like to have a Foundation representative host an education program on scholarship, leadership and/or Sigma Serves Children, email Desiree Paulhamus at

We enjoy visiting chapters and sharing how your chapter, community, or campus can make a difference for the Foundation. If you would like to invite a Foundation representative to your next philanthropy fundraiser, email the Foundation at