From the Archives

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The Sigma Sigma Sigma doll collection was created in 1953 at the 24th Convention in Spring Lake, NJ. Each chapter delegate was asked to bring a doll to the convention that represented the fashion style during the year their chapter was chartered. Each doll was displayed at Convention before being brought to their new home in the Mabel Lee Walton House.

Each newly installed and reinstalled chapter submits a doll to the Archives upon colonization. The dolls are photographed for digital display, and added to the collection. Today, the Archives has almost a complete collection – with one doll for almost every colonization and recolonization of each chapter. The dolls are as unique as the Tri Sigma chapters themselves: From the Delta Beta 1970 flower power Barbie, the Epsilon Tau 1991 surfer Barbie, and the Eta Tau 2006 pilot, each doll represents both the time in history, and the identity of the chapter. Click here to view the complete doll collection.

The Alpha Chapter Doll

The Alpha Chapter doll was the first doll added to the collection in 1953. This doll has an auburn bob, straw hat with flower, cream dress with lace collar, and white shoes. It was created by June Johns, Alpha Chapter, and carried to the 1953 Convention in Spring Lake, NJ.