Apply for the Nominating Committee

It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the creation of a slate with the best candidates for the election of Executive Council members each triennium. The members of the committee, therefore, have tremendous influence on the future of Sigma Sigma Sigma and should themselves be carefully selected.


  • Be able to be fair, ethical and impartial;
  • Ask insightful questions and listen to answers;
  • Maintain confidentiality;
  • Have an understanding of the mission, vision, values and current strategic initiatives; and
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (if a collegiate member


  • Review the candidates’ submissions;
  • Participate in group discussions of each candidates’ experience and skills;
  • Participate in the interview process;
  • Prepare a slate of candidates; and
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Nominating Committee Chairman

Term of Service:

  • Up to one year prior to a National Convention, at a minimum

Committee Makeup:

  • A chairman (a past Executive Council member);
  • 2 current national volunteers with a minimum of six years of National Volunteer experience;
  • 2 alumnae members with a minimum of six years experience as an alumnae chapter member, house corporation member or past national volunteer; and
  • 2 collegiate members who have actively participated as a campus or chapter leader or in a national program

Note: Anyone currently serving on Executive Council and current staff members may no serve on the National Committee. Anyone currently serving on the Nominating Committee may not be nominated to serve on Executive Council.

Selection Process:

  • June 1, 2018: Application Deadline
  • July, 2018: Selection of the Nominating Committee Chairman
  • August, 2018: Selected candidates will be notified

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Questions can be referred to Marcia Cutter, Executive Director, by email or 540-459-4212