Alumna shares thoughts on importance of voting

By Alexis Gonzales

Alexis Gonzales

Voting once was a privilege. A privilege previously fought for by the generations of men and women before us. A freedom that at some point was not guaranteed to all men and all women of this nation, but is guaranteed to us now as a right. You are not required to vote, but I want to encourage you to do so as your moral duty.

Regardless of if you do or do not vote, someone is going to represent you. Your vote is your voice in the right to determine representation. Do not be silenced. Despite the outcome, it will be portrayed in the polls, which is an indication of how this nation feels as a whole. All votes are equal; one person equals one vote, but one person can make a huge difference in our local and state elections.

So, take the time to do some research and make your decision. You are an essential part of this process and this government. I can think of many reasons why you should vote. However, you only need one reason to cast that ballot, and I hope you have found that reason.

Alexis “Lexi” Gonzales, an alumna of the Eta Omicron Chapter (Sam Houston State University) is the Legislative Director for Texas State Representative Hubert Vo. She also serves as an advisor to the Epsilon Iota Chapter (Saint Mary’s University) and a part of the government relations committee for Tri Sigma.