Alpha Chi Chapter shares their study tips

Start your week off with some of Alpha Chi chapter’s favorite study tips. Follow along on social media using #SigmaScholars #MonthofthScholar.

“I’ve found that utilizing professors’ office hours really makes a big difference. Not only can they help you better one-on-one, but keeping up positive relationships with your professors can open up many academic and professional opportunities down the road.” – Taylor Chadduck, Fall ‘13

“Your sisters can be one of your most valuable resources for college academic success. You’re surrounded by an entire chapter of women who have likely already taken the same classes you’re taking. Reach out to your sisters and you will be amazed at the amount of help they can offer.” – Megan Homme, Fall ‘14

“I color code my planner for each class at the beginning of the semester and look at it every weekend. Then I make a to-do list for my week.” – Hannah Weber, Fall ‘14