2016 UIFI Scholarship Recipients



At UIFI, Sigmas will be given the skills to improve their leadership abilities and positively affect their chapter, council, and community. It is an honor to be selected to attend UIFI as only 23 Tri Sigma women received the 2016 UIFI scholarship.

Check out this year’s scholarship recipient list.


Angel McDaniel, AO Morgan Babcock, Carys Fritz, Tri Sigma attendees from 2016 UIFI Session 1.

Angel McDaniel, Alpha Omicron
Morgan Babcock, Delta Eta
Carys Fritz, Epsilon Omicron
Three of Tri Sigma’s UIFI Scholarship recipients graduated from 2016 UIFI Session One.

“UIFI was an incredibly uplifting experience. It gave me the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to better myself, chapter, and Greek community as a whole. It showed me a very real sense of Greek unity and also empowered me to do more and be more.” said Angel McDaniel, Alpha Omicron